‘Childish’ letter left on car sparks war over parking – ‘this is not a car park’

A seaside town in north Wales has been gripped by an ongoing row over a letter left on a car.

The polite letter, left on a car in Colwyn Bay over the weekend, split opinions after asking the driver to move their motor from a residential area as it was “not a car park”.

The driver’s mother took to Facebook to defend her son, who she said had been parking his car there twice a week for four months to get to work.

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She said: “I would suggest that the person who wrote this note contacts the local council if they have a problem with the parking outside the property – instead of taking their frustration out on a young lad who just wants to work for a living and not cause mischief around the town like others his age.”

As is often the case for seaside towns in tourism season, Colwyn Bay can have big problems with parking,NorthWalesLivereports.

The lad was parked outside of the town centre and the conservation area, where there are no parking restrictions.

The letter said: “It has been noted that you have been parking outside our homes on an extremely regular basis these last couple of weeks. Yet you aren’t visiting the homes on this street.

“Please could you consider your parking i.e. this is a residential road and not a car park."

NorthWalesLive reports that the debate has roared since then, with many coming to support the driver.

“No one has a right to tell anyone where they can and cannot park, as long as the car is insured taxed and has an MOT,” said one person. “If he’s not actually blocking the driveway then what’s the problem?”

Another said: “I’ve had more letters than parking tickets in the Bay, it’s funny.”

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A third said: “Don’t you just hate these people who write anonymous letters?”

His mum said he has only been parking in an area where he hasn't blocked anyone else.

“It is disturbing that whoever has put this note on his car is watching him and his whereabouts,” she said.

According to the RAC it is “perfectly legal” to park outside houses, as long as your car doesn’t stray onto a driveway, which is private property.

“If that car is on a drive, it’s technically on private property – and the council has no authority to remove it,” added the RAC.

One man took issue with the suggestion of using car parks, which can be expensive.

“Yes, there are car parks but you have to pay to use them,” he said. “I refuse to pay to park to go to work! So I drive around Colwyn Bay’s residential roads looking for a space most mornings.

"There really should be parking available for those who are working in the Bay.”

Other residents have however claimed that it is more important to be kind.

“Be nice, park elsewhere,” said one man. “99% of you would be p****d at someone parking outside your house all the time.”

Another defender of the note said: “I’m not a note writer but I know how extremely annoying it is to get home with kids shopping etc and have to park miles from your own home due to other people parking.”


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