El Chapo’s sons retaliate to dismemberment by killing 3 with ’24 hour warning’

The sons of infamous Mexican drug lord Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán have retaliated in gruesome fashion after they were threatened by a rival cartel.

On Tuesday (August 30) police in Caborca, Sonora found the dismembered remains of a man stuffed into bags and placed in three different locations across the city.

One of the bags lay beside a narco message addressed to "La Chapiza", a nickname for Los Chapitos – a faction of the fearsome Sinaloa Cartel controlled by El Chapo's sons Jesus Alfredo, Ivan Archivaldo and Ovidio Guzmán following their dad's arrest.

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It was signed by Rodrigo Paez Quintero ('El R'), Adelmo Nuñez ('Lemo') and Jose Gil Caro ('El Pelo Chino'), leaders within the local Caborca Cartel.

It read: "Carborca has an owner, Rodrigo Paez 'El R' and Lemo Nuñez at your service."

Los Chapitos wasted no time in striking back. According to Borderland Beat, on Wednesday (August 31) the remains of two men who had been tortured and executed were dumped in front of a house reportedly belonging to a Carborca Cartel leader.

They were identified as Damián Cano Burruel and Fidencio Noé Páez Caro, the latter of whom is thought to be related to El R and Rafael Caro Quintero, a veteran drug lord and leader of the Caborca Cartel until his arrest in July this year.

Authorities arrived at the scene to find two narco messages. One read: "Caborca already has an owner, f*gs. From, La Chapiza."

The second read: "Paez, Caros have 24 hours to leave Caborca. No exceptions. From, La Chapiza."

Paez and Caro are two major crime families, unified through marriages and occupying high ranking positions within the Caborca Cartel.

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Later, at around 6.30am on Thursday (September 1) and before the 24 hour grace period had expired, Los Chapitos dumped another body at the home.

He was identified as Martín Enrique Frasquillo Ramírez, 46, who was abducted by hitmen hours before in the Santa Cecilia neighbourhood.

The message next to his body reportedly alluded to more killings if the prior warnings weren't adhered to.


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