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IN a recent survey held by the Open University, a shocking 45% of Brits aged 20 to 35 admitted they feel ‘trapped in a job they can’t stand.’

Are you one of them?

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In the same survey, 36% of the same group confessed they were ‘desperate to quit their job but couldn't afford to,’ and 38% claimed they had ‘no hope of getting a promotion at their current company.’

Another 29% of participants said they regularly suffered from Sunday-night blues, and dreaded the start of the working week.

But it’s clearly not just about escaping dead-end nine-to-five jobs: an incredible 82% of participants said they dreamed of being their own boss.

In these tough economic times, it’s clear that many young people out there are keen to turn their back on the traditional job route and forge their own career paths.

It’s simply a case of knowing where to start.

If you’re keen to switch course in your career and learn how to become your own boss, we recommend requesting a prospectus from the Open University.

The OU has a triple-accredited business school that offers a wide range of business management courses – essential learning if you want to become an entrepreneur. 

These are courses that offer students the practical, real-world skills and expertise that are vital in today’s market.

‘It’s amazing to see the positive entrepreneurial attitude that young people in the UK have,’ says Tim Blackman, Vice-Chancellor at The Open University.

‘Lots of young people know they have the potential to do bigger and better things, but they’re unsure how to access their dream job.’

The OU recently teamed up with Radio 1 DJ Gemma Cairney in a social experiment called ‘Unlock your Inner Boss Live! The CEO Challenge.’

In this livestreamed event, the radio presenter was placed in charge of a fictional business for the day, and advised by an expert team of viewers and OU alumni, staff and students.

In this five-hour event, Gemma was guided through a range of topics including hiring, managing, profits, technology and leadership.

Each member of the expert panel had valuable skills, knowledge, expertise and experience to bring to the table – these are all available to you at the Open University.

What courses are offered by the Open University?

Among the many courses the Open University offers are Business and Management, Computing and IT, and Economics.

If you head to the OU’s online courses page, you’ll find a wealth of undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees, short courses and free OpenLearn courses.

The thought of taking the leap into education might sound intimidating – especially if you already have an income.

The OU understands that most people out there have pre-existing commitments, and prides itself on offering courses that can be fit around other part-time jobs and other obligations.

Not only that, the OU are experts at distance learning, something that’s important to so many people in the post-pandemic world.

‘We hope the OU can be the solution to the problems that some of the younger generations are facing,’ says Tim. 

‘Flexible studying hours give OU students the ability to “earn while they learn”, and offer a chance to upskill to land their dream job whilst pursuing a side hustle at the same time.’

Anyone enrolling at the OU will also be partnered with a subject-specific Student Support team: they are always on-hand to help you through any difficult times during your studies.

Also, the OU asks for no money upfront – in fact, you can get up to 90% of the fees covered by a student loan.

Now is the time to invest in your future.

  • Open University 2022 courses – find out more


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