Hair-raising moment tiny Yorkshire Terrier escapes claws of swooping bald eagle in owner's garden | The Sun

THIS is the dramatic moment a feisty dog miraculously managed to escape the clutches of a bald eagle as the bird tried to fly away with her.

Stunning doorbell footage shows the mighty bird of prey swoop down and snatch the little Yorkshire Terrier, named Coco, from her owner's garden in British Colombia, Canada.

Justin Dudoward, the dog's owner, let the tiny eight-month-old pup outside while he and his girlfriend sat in their lounge on June 16.

Footage shows Coco standing on the decking when suddenly she jumps and barks as the bald eagle swoops in at speed.

The fearsome bird manages to grab the pooch with its claws before smacking into a bin as it tries to fly off.

Struggling to take off, the eagle can be seen frantically flapping its wings as it attempts to strengthen its hold of Coco.

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The frenzied fight then goes off camera – but the dog can be heard yelping as she managed to escape the eagle's grip.

Seconds later, the pooch can be seen scampering back towards her owner's back door.

Thankfully, Coco came away from the wild encounter with just a few scratches on her stomach from the eagle's razor-sharp claws.

But Justin had to take the small dog to the vet the next day after noticing part of her intestine was hanging out.

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After three days of treatment, Coco was back to her normal self.

Justin said the black-and-white pet is now playing in the garden at their home in the village of Metlakatla again "like nothing happened to her".

He told Storyful: "It was really scary.

"We didn't know it was that bad until we went back and looked at my doorbell camera."

It comes after horror footage showed the moment a huge crocodile attacked a dog and dragged the pooch underwater to its death.

A clip filmed at the scene shows the whimpering dog drinking from Chambal River in Rajasthan, India, as the large reptile gets closer.

In the video, the crocodile can be seen lurking below the surface of the water, but the thirsty animal does not seem to notice the danger.

The dog continues to wander through shallow water on the river bank and people can be heard talking to each other as they film the upcoming attack.

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Suddenly, the croc lunges out of the water and grabs the dog, which can be heard barking briefly before being dragged to its death.

The reptile drags its prey underwater before swimming away from the riverbank.

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