I ate on my own and only drank tap water at Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant… and it still cost me a fortune | The Sun

A CUSTOMER was shocked after spending £120 on a meal for one at Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant – while eating alone and only drinking tap water.

The punter was left staring at the bill after dining at Gordon'sLucky Cat in Manchester.

Lucky Cat is in the same famous building at 100 King Street as the Hotel Gotham,popular with Hollywood types and rock star Liam Gallagher.

World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and his wife Paris attended the opening and posed for pics with Gordon earlier this month.

Ben Arnold, who works for the Manchester Evening News, decided to pop in for a meal on his own when he racked up the eye catching bill.

Ben said his main course dish cost nearly £40 and featured only three slices of beef.

He said: "So I’ve just left a restaurant where I paid £120 for dinner. I ate alone, drank tap water, and even avoided some of the more expensive dishes. I didn’t go nuts. And it was still £120."

Ben started out with a bowl of salt & pepper baby squid,which Ben found to be "delicious."

This was followed by a bowl of aubergine and cabbage dumplings which he found to be "great."

Ben then paid £27 for a pair of ‘hand dived scallops’ which were perfectly cooked.

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He then handed out £38 for a bowl of short rib beef, which he found to be "fabulously soft."

But Ben said he would have liked a bit more beef in the bowl he paid nearly £40 for.

He said: "There are three slices of it, which for nearly £40 is a little galling. Short rib is a cheap cut, though the process here costs money."

The egg fried rice, which came separately, set him back another £9.50.

He said the food at Lucky Cat was not superior to the dishes served up in Manchester's famous Chinatown, just a five minute walk around the block.

He said : "For £120, you could eat at Mr Hong’s on Faulkner Street four times, and be absolutely delighted.

"But by contrast, you get polystyrene tiles rather than an ornate 40 foot high ceiling, and the service doesn’t often come with a smile.

"If such things matter deeply to you, then you’ve probably already made your choice. But maybe try the £35 lunch before diving right in at the deep end. Gulp."

Ben dined from the a la carte menu but advised cost conscious punters to try the £35 weekday lunch menu.

Speaking about his latest venture in Manchester, Gordon said he wanted to emulate the success of the original Lucky Cat restaurant in Mayfair.

He said: “I’ve toured and worked in much of Asia over the years, and the culture, the flavours, and the incredible cooking truly inspire me.

“Manchester is renowned for its thriving culinary landscape, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

"We’re fired up to build on the phenomenal success of our Mayfair restaurant and bring something truly exceptional to the people of Manchester this summer.

"Lucky Cat is more than just a restaurant; it’s an extraordinary encounter. We’re ready to dazzle Manchester’s vibrant culinary scene with a gastronomic spectacle that will leave you craving more!”

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