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A MAN discovered an abandoned McDonald's diner frozen in time with plates creepily left on the tables and retro booths.

Ben James, from Cambridge, snapped spooky pictures of the deserted eatery he stumbled across while in Chicago.

The retro McDonald's was pictured covered in dust, with half-empty milkshake glasses left on the tables as if the diners had left in a hurry.

With plates and cutlery littered on the four-seater tables and menus still left open, the restaurant seems like it could still be running a busy service.

But the art-deco style diner has been left to the elements as chairs lay askew in the post apocalyptic scene.

When Ben came across the abandoned McDonald's he likened it to a setting cut straight from the hit show The Last Of Us.


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Inside, people had left their saucers and condiments on the tables as if they had dashed from their dishes mid-meal.

The 32-year-old explored the deserted diner for around two hours and managed to capture shots of the empty plates and glasses as well as the old-school décor.

The diner had been abandoned since 2017, with rumours saying that one of the managers at the time had robbed the eatery and done a runner.

But although Ben's pictures showed the diner's interior looking intact enough for use, the kitchen told a whole other story as to why the McDonald's may have been quickly abandoned.

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The explorer said a fire had spread through the kitchen leaving it completely unusable.

As cutlery and plates were eerily lying in place as if the diners were going to reappear at any moment, Ben said he felt immediately uneasy in the eatery.

“It gave the feeling that you just expected diners to walk in at any minute," he said, "and it used to be such a busy place and it’s just eerily sat in silence, it’s literally like a post-apocalyptic horror film scene".

Although the diner had once been a popular, bustling McDonald's, it was now "uncomfortably quiet" as the brave bloke explored the building.

He was left surprised at how well-preserved the diner was, considering it has sat empty and collecting dust for over five years.

“It’s been abandoned since around 2017,” he said, “apparently there was a robbery there.

"Although the kitchen is in a really bad state, the kitchen was uninhabitable because of a fire.

But Ben believes that with a little bit of a clean-up, the restaurant could be open for business tomorrow.

This comes after the "world's loneliest McDonald's" received an influx of social media recognition after one internet user recognised that it was located on the same island of Netflix's series Pirate Gold Of Adak Island.

The restaurant, which eerily stood on a deserted Alaskan naval base, appeared to have been untouched since the 1990’s.

Initially, the McDonalds garnered attention when a Twitter user pointed out the location and posted pictures of the drive-thru area, upturned tables and a menu with a $1 cheeseburger in 2021.

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