Inside the secret lives of Aussie pornstars

Inside the secret lives of Aussie porn stars: Adult film actors answer VERY awkward questions about what really happens off camera – from ‘what does the set smell like’ to ‘what do your parents say’?

  • The latest episode of the ABC’s ‘You Can’t Ask That’ aired on Wednesday night 
  • This week, porn stars provided an unabashed look into their career choice
  • Interviewees included one of Australia’s ‘top porn star exports’ Angela White 
  • Group provides some revealing insights on what it’s really like to work in porn 

Porn stars have revealed what it’s really like to perform on camera – from why they joined the industry, to how much money they earn and what it smells on a porn set.

In the latest installment of ABC’s award winning series ‘You Can’t Ask That’ airing on Wednesday night, porn performers of all types provided some insight into their  risqué jobs. 

Among the trade secrets revealed is that porn sets tend to smell like coconut oil and the last people you’d want to find out about you career – such as parents – are usually among the first to figure it out. 

The interviewees included hall-of-famer Angela White who’s been called Australia’s top porn export after making it big in the US.

Viewers also meet gay porn star Woody Fox, Arianny Koda, Morgana Muses, Robbie Oz, trans porn star Marissa Minx, Rubi Valentine, and 80s porn star Nikki Stern – who quit the business to become a librarian. 

Angela White (pictured) is often called Australia’s top porn star after she made her start in the industry when she hopped a plane to America at age 18

When the interviewees are asked what it’s like having sex on camera for the first time, their responses were mixed. 

‘My first shoot was terrifying,’ Woody Fox, based in Sydney, said. 

LA-based White was 18-years-old and getting ready to graduate high school when she hoped a plane to America and shot her first scene. 

‘It was a little scary because it was my first time overseas. I was a curious teen and I was always fascinated by porn,’ she said.

‘Now when I’m f***ing on camera it’s much easier than an interview like this,’ she joked.

White has made big money from her career – but she is the exception with many in the industry having side gigs or also working behind-the-scenes to earn a living. 

The interviewees reveal most actors will only be paid a few hundred dollars for a scene, but trans-performers can draw considerably higher fees in the thousands. 

Sydney based gay performer Woody Fox (pictured) said his Dad in particular ‘flipped out’ when he learned he was starring in porn but has since become used to it

They reveal it’s also hard work for actors on a porn set with tiring days stretching well past eight hours, a film crew setting and resetting shots, and a director yelling to change positions every few minutes. 

And with a bunch of people crammed into small space, the aroma can get a little on the nose.

‘If it’s a summer day and the air-con isn’t running it smells like sweat,’ White said. 

‘A professional set smells like just a clean sanitary space… but it can get stinky pretty fast,’ Fox admits.

‘It always smells like coconut oil, that’s the lube that’s used in porn,’ Koda adds.

Explaining how they got into porn, some of the group said they had always wanted to be porn stars.

‘As soon as I found you could do that for a job I was like ‘yes what a hack, I’m in,’ Rubi Valentine explains.

‘Yeah I was that weird kid in the library reading ‘Where did I come from?’,’ White said.

But others said they had no intention of joining the industry growing up.

‘I was brought up in a strict Jehovah’s Witness family,’ Robbie Oz said.

‘Maybe because all that was kind of pushed down that I went the other way.’ 

Rubi Valentine (pictured) said when she found out you could get paid for having sex she thought it was a ‘brilliant life hack’

Morgana Muses said she was stuck in an unhappy marriage and was considering suicide but instead hired an escort which ‘changed her life’.

She then went on to make an award-winning adult film with the same escort. That was her break in the industry – though she admits her films haven’t been big money spinners.

A common theme among all of the interviewees, however, was curiosity. 

‘I reckon everyone has some part in them that’s curious like ‘I wonder if I could have done porn,’ Robbie said.

When asked what their parents thought of their career or if they even knew, they also seemed to agree that family and friends will find out. 

Fox said it’s always the one person you would least want to discover you work in porn is exactly the person who’s going to catch on. 

‘My dad flipped when he found out… he freaked out,’ Fox laughed.

He added he has a gay brother who he hopes hasn’t unsuspectingly clicked on one of his videos. 

‘I hope a curious friend or family member hasn’t Googled me,’ White adds.

Rubi Valentine said her family and friends just were concerned about her safety. 

Arianny Koda (left) was asked to fly out to America by a producer to star in films while Nikki Stern (right) retired from porn to become a librarian 

When asked about the ethics of porn, White said that reputable companies treat and pay their actors very well and that these are what actors should be looking to work with.

‘We have consented to all of the acts on screen and we can call cut at any moment,’ she explains.

On a wider level, there is debate over whether the availability of porn courtesy of the world wide web normalises sexist attitudes or creates unrealistic expectations of bodies and performance.

But for the people interviewed who make the films, rather than a last resort after a series of poor decisions or a desperate attempt to make money, they all seem to like what they do.

‘They say do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life,’ White said.

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