Kim Jong-un's ‘180ft mystery superyacht’ spotted near luxury mega-mansion as tyrant goes missing for nearly two weeks | The Sun

NORTH Korean dictator Kim Jong-un's mystery superyacht has been seen for the first time after the tyrant went missing for several weeks.

The mammoth ship was spotted close to a series of new mansions owned by Kim's cronies in an exclusive resort on the east coast of North Korea.

Kim's apparent stay on his 180-foot (55m) megayacht comes as rumours swirl over the dictator's continuing absence from public life.

As of today, North Korea's leader hasn't appeared on state TV for 12 days, his second-longest break this year after a further 19 days out of the spotlight in July.

Imagery from Planet Labs shows the megayacht parked at a beach on Hodo Peninsula north of the beach resort of Wonsan between August 3 and August 5.

A smaller 60-foot (18m) boat is parked alongside the yacht and further down the beach in separate shots.


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Kim's distinctive superyacht can be seen with its red roof covering the entire length and setting it apart from his larger white-roofed and slightly smaller blue-roofed crafts of a similar build.

This is the first time the yacht has been captured in satellite imagery at this particular beach – which can only be reached by sea or small roads far away from any major cities.

The last time Planet Labs imagery captured any boat parked in the same spot was in August 2016, when Kim's 165-foot (50m) megayacht was spotted there.

His famous red-roofed yacht was spotted at one of Kim's coastal mansions in April 2020 at the leader's Wonsan compound, when it was painted green instead.

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It also appeared at a separate mansion owned by Kim on Hodo Peninsula, just after the house was finished in July 2019.

The yacht has been spotted several times in recent months, as Kim has become more and more reclusive.

When the tyrant last disappeared in July, it was seen anchored at Sin Island off the Wonsan coast for the first time, while in April, it was spotted at the nearby Tae Island.

It received repairs or upgrades in May at Kim's private marina in central Wonsan.

Kim's biggest superyacht, his 195-foot (60m) craft, has also been spotted recently, when it was taken out of storage and placed in front of his main Wonsan compound beach between August 5 and August 10.

The huge ship features twin waterslides, an Olympic-sized pool and a multi-storey lounge, and has been dubbed a "floating amusement park".

Last year, the North Korean leader's biggest yacht was seen at Kim's private beach at his Wonsan mansion, NK News reported.

Kim has made fewer and fewer public appearances in the past few years, sparking speculation over his health.

Increasingly, he has withdrawn into his luxury palaces, as the country battles a devastating Covid pandemic and economic catastrophe.

The North Korean elite own a number of mansions and yachts and live lives of disgusting luxury while many of their people starve.

But this hasn't stopped Kim's sabre-rattling with the West, with the tyrant claiming last month North Korea is "ready to mobilise" its nuclear weapons at any moment in fresh conflict threats.

This week, it was claimed North Korea is preparing to send 100,000 volunteers to Russia to aid its war against Ukraine.

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Speaking on Russian state TV Channel One, defence expert Igor Korotchenko said: "There are reports that 100,000 North Korean volunteers are prepared to come and take part in the conflict and North Korean builders are ready to work alongside ours."

Calling the troops "resilient, undemanding and motivated," the Russian journalist said the Kremlin "shouldn't be shy in accepting the hand extended to us by Kim Jong-un".

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