Moment 'litter police' try to fine man £120 for dropping rubbish but get slapped down – here are the rules | The Sun

THIS is the moment litter police try to fine a man £120 for dropping rubbish – but get slapped down.

The enforcement officers were captured attempting to hand out a fixed penalty notice (FPN) on the streets of Manchester.

In a video posted to TikTok, user @dangleeballsyoutube intercepted the private company, who fine members of the public for littering.

Dan's account slams the "cigarette police" in the city centre as he prevents people having to pay hundreds.

He approached the situation while recording and said: "Wait don't give any details these guys work for a private company, 3GS, if you give details you're consenting to a £120 fine.

"She's going to fine you £120 you give details.


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"If you walk away, ask them to leave you alone, they will try and follow, just walk away.

"They've got no powers to detain you, you've also got the freedom to walk away and say nothing."

They guy, who was about to be fined, then took his drivers license off the officer before walking off.

Dan captioned the vid: "I do not condone littering but £120 is far too much, especially during the cost of living crisis.

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"Say nothing and walk away."

The comment section was flooded with hundreds of users praising the TikToker for making a stand.

One person said: "Love it. Great work mate."

A second added: "You are a legend."

Meanwhile another commented: "Smashed it."

According to the government website, 3GS enforcement officers are employed on behalf of Manchester City Council to issues FPNs for environmental offences.

These include:

  • Littering (food, cigarette butts and chewing gum)
  • Graffiti offences of fly posting
  • Unauthorised leafleting
  • Not clearing up dog waste or controlling a dog

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Their powers are limited to issuing fines and don't seem to have much authority if someone doesn't hand over their details.

They are currently in place in cities such as Manchester, Bristol and Gloucester.

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