My bin was stolen and the contents dumped – now I'm being FINED £400 for fly-tipping | The Sun

A WOMAN was slapped with a £400 fine after being accused of fly-tipping after someone dumped her bin into the street.

Chloe Robertson, 33, said sacks of rubbish were tipped out from her bin after she put it out for collection.

After the thieves nicked the 33-year-old's bin, she was stunned to be handed a £400 penalty from Vale of Glamorgan Council for allegedly fly-tipping.

Chloe, from Sully, Wales, said she has been falsely accused and firmly denies she fly-tipped.

She told WalesOnline: "If I'm 100% honest, I didn't take it hugely seriously because I immediately knew that I had not done this.

"I thought that as soon as I explained what had happened then they would just drop the case and I thought it was going to be this simple."

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Chloe said refusing to pay the fine could result in a day in court while the fine could rise to an eye-watering £15,000.

Despite seeking out CCTV footage from the police and the council as well as contacting her local MP, the 33-year-old says she has still not been cleared of the alleged offence.

To fight the case, Chloe said she would have to find evidence of someone else dumping her bin on the street.

However, she claims the council are yet to respond to her data requests for CCTV footage of the street outside her home.

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She said: "I have just been fined £400 for not actually having done anything at all and actually I have had my bin stolen.

"I cannot take the risk of having a criminal record and I can't take the risk of having a £15,000 fine because I just wouldn't be able to afford that."

Chloe, who works for a credit insurance and debt collection agency, insisted that the alleged crime was extremely out of character for her.

"This isn't the type of person I am, where I dump three domestic bags a few days before bin day in my own street. I wouldn't do that.

"I have dedicated 16 hours per week for three and a half years working as a Special Constable for South Wales Police, always worked since 16 years of age and paid my taxes and this is how I am repaid by my local council."

A Vale of Glamorgan Council spokesperson said: "We can confirm that Ms Robertson has been issued with a £400 Fixed Penalty Notice for the offence of fly-tipping.

“Officers attended a suspected fly-tipping incident at the entrance to Hayes Road in Sully and found a number of black-coloured plastic bin bags, filled with mixed domestic waste.

"In her response, Ms Robertson admitted that the waste shown in the photographs was hers.

"She also claimed that the bags of waste had been contained inside a steel bin which had been stolen, however was unable to provide evidence of this.

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“A case conference was held between the investigating officers, the Enforcement Supervisor, the Enforcement Technical Officer and the Enforcement Manager.

"It was decided that there was sufficient evidence to offer Ms Robertson the opportunity to discharge her criminal liability by paying a Fixed Penalty of £400."

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