Mystery behind abandoned plane found in Bali

Mystery behind an abandoned Boeing 737 that is sitting in the middle of a field in Bali – and no-one is sure how it got there

  • A jet was found in an abandoned field in Bali, popping up out of nowhere
  • The Boeing 737 is parked near a major highway and isn’t close to an airport  
  • Locals suggested a businessman wanted to start up a restaurant with the plane
  • It’s part of a collection of random aircraft in odd places at the tourist hot spot 

An abandoned Boeing 737 is parked in the middle of a field in Bali, with many travellers scratching their heads about where it came from. 

The large plane sits in a limestone quarry near the Raya Nusa Dua Selatan Highway, not far from the Pandawa beach – a tourist hub. 

Some Balinese have suggested the plane was dumped there by an ambitious entrepreneur keen to get a restaurant up and running inside it. 

The plane sits with runway stairs seen propped up against the front entrance. 

The abandoned plane on Bali’s Bukit Peninsula (pictured) caused confusion on how it got there 

The Boeing 737 (pictured) lives out its retirement near a limestone quarry close to tourist hub Pandawa beach in Bali

The 737 in the field near a major highway (pictured) is said to have had its parts brought there and reassembled on site for a tourist attraction

The aircraft has become a tourist attraction with a travel guide saying it is hard to spot and is next to a collection of shipping containers (far left)

The aircraft has become a tourist attraction with a travel guide saying it is hard to spot and is next to a collection of shipping containers.

It’s not the only retired Boeing 737 on the island, as other disused planes have been spotted in other parts, some used as tourist attractions. 

One of them rests right next to nearby Dunkin Donuts, with its wing resting on the diner’s wall. 

People also do not know how it got there.  

One Boeing sits next to a Dunkin Donuts diner in Bali (pictured) 6km from Kuta Beach and was thought to be used as an event venue, or an abandoned restaurant or a plan for someone’s new home

Some guessed that jet, which has no engines, was another abandoned restaurant idea or had planned to be used as a home.

It is thought to have been there since 2007 and was used as an event venue in 2018. 

One other retired jet was seen on top of a cliff at Nyang-Nyang beach in 2021, as a tourist attraction and had plans to be turned into a villa. 

On the seaside cliffs of Nyang-Nyang beach on the Bukit Peninsula lay half a Boeing that was there to lure tourists, with plans for it to be turned into a villa (pictured, in 2021)

The Nyang-Nyang Beach attraction in Bali (pictured in 2021) shows disassembled plane parts

More Boeing jet parts are displayed on Nyang-Nyang Beach in Bali (pictured, in 2021)

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