Odd pink light in sky thought to be aliens turns out to be caused by cannabis

Residents in a small Australian town were left wondering whether they were witnessing an alien invasion when the sky above their town started to glow bright neon pink.

Locals in the town of Mildura, Victoria, were left scratching their heads – and even a bit afraid – when the vibrant light started radiating across the sky.

Tammy Szumowski told Daily Mail Australia her mum called her to ask if she'd seen 'this weird pink light in the sky'.

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She recalled: "My husband, kids and I jumped in the car and drove out to my uncles who lives at Merbein South, where the light was strong.

"It was very bizarre looking and we had no idea what it was."

Ms Szumowski shared photos of the strange phenomenon with her Facebook friends, hoping someone might know what was going on.

"Just took these photos at Merbein south! Any ideas what it is people? Aliens? Stranger Things?" she posted.

"We had that many comments, saying 'Is it an asteroid, or a comet? Is it the upside-down world from Stranger Things, the TV show, is it aliens?'" she told Daily Mail Australia.

One woman even asked whether they should don tinfoil hats in preparation for what seemed to be an alien takeover.

It transpired the weird light was coming from a nearby medicinal cannabis farm, where farmers had left the blinds on a growing shed open, revealing the glow from the powerful lights used to nurture the plants.

Medical marijuana company Cann Pharmaceutical confirmed the blinds inside a commercial harvesting shed had been left open, revealing the otherworldly glow.

LED lighting is used to grow cannabis, and the lights are often purple or pink, explaining the fuscia-coloured rays.

Commercial cannabis growing lights are incredibly powerful, measured in photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) which in some cases reach 2000 PPFD.

This, according to one light manufacturer, 'is about the PPFD of the sun on a cloudless day'.


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