Our council house was so dangerous it was deemed UNINHABITABLE and we were forced to move out | The Sun

A FAMILY claim their council house was so dangerous it was deemed uninhabitable and they were forced to move out.

Edith Jones and her family moved into the property on the Royal Estate in Edlington, South Yorkshire, on April 25, last year.

But they say the home had a number of structural problems and was plagued with health hazards and they left the area on October 26, 2021.

Footage appears to show issues with the plumbing which caused running sink water to rise from the bath.

Pictures also show the house to be in a state of dilapidation, with parts of the walls above the  door completely fallen off as well as pipes and electrical wiring exposed.

Wallpaper in the house has also come off.

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More photos highlight other problems, including electrical wiring running close to water pipes, doors have broken hinges, radiators covered in rust and walls which are full of mould.

The problems with the house nearly became tragic when it’s claimed her five-year-old daughter was badly shocked by a “dodgy socket”.

Edith told Yorkshire Live: "We are still awaiting to hear from solicitor after my little girl, who was five at the time, was badly shocked by a dodgy socket."

While the family were living in the house for six-months, Edith said she was often locked out of her house because the street where she lived would be cordoned off by the police.

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She said: "I lost count of the amount of times I couldn't get into my home after I finished work as the street was cordoned off."

The area where Edith lived in Edlington is part of a notorious area which is blighted by extreme violence, revenge arson attacks, drugs and widespread crime, according to the news outlet.

Doncaster Council carried out an inspection of the property and recommended enforcement action after finding a number of hazards.

The report, seen by Yorkshire Live, found  several category two hazards.

The problems discovered included hazards to "personal hygiene, sanitation and drainage", where the council found that a waste pipe was causing foul water to rise up through the bath tub's plughole.

The report also highlighted that an electrical safety check had never been completed on the property and a power socket was detached from the wall.

It also found various fire hazards as the backdoor of the property was sealed shut and there were no fire exit windows.

Edith described her stay in the house as an ordeal.

She said "I spent six months on Princes Crescent… Let's just say once my estate agent came and saw it for himself he had us out within two days.

“We moved in on April 25 and moved out on October 26. The fire brigade started the process with environmental health after they came out.

“I have plenty of photos of the state of the house that were used for the reports too."

Since the family have moved out, Edith says her daughter has made a full recovery.

Doncaster Council declined to comment when approached by The Sun Online, adding it was trying to get further details.

Sergeant Chris Rogers for South Yorkshire Police, who oversees the neighbourhood team in Edlington, said the force is keen to tackle antisocial behaviour in the area.

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He said: “As a neighbourhood team, we work hard alongside the community in Edlington and Doncaster Council to tackle the issues that we know are affecting our residents and businesses.

“We know that antisocial behaviour is a key area of concern, particularly on the Royal estate. As such, we engage in regular patrols – on foot and in marked vehicles – to ensure there is a consistent presence to deter anyone seeking to engage in this criminality."

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