Our Family Story

Hello! Today I decided to write a review about the rehab, which helped my brother to get back to normal life. It’s hard for me to write such things, as our family went through a lot of suffering because of my little brother’s addiction, but I believe that our example should serve as an incentive for other people to also turn to professional services in rehab clinics in Birmingham, rather than trying to solve all problems on their own.

What Was the Case?

My brother, as is usually the case, started using drugs in his last year of high school. It was difficult for my parents to control what we were doing because they were always working. We first sounded the alarm when money started disappearing from the house. My brother’s behavior became very strange, he didn’t eat much and hardly spoke to the family. I knew he dabbled in weed (who hasn’t as a teenager), but I had no idea my brother was injecting heroin into his veins. Thanks to my vigilance, we immediately started looking for the right centers for help. On the Internet, we came across a network of Serenity Addiction Centers. The company also has a network of clinics in London, check https://www.rehabclinic.org.uk/locations/drug-alcohol-rehab-clinic-london/ We went to a nearby one and talked to specialists who clearly explained to us what to do. The most difficult thing was to convince my brother to go to rehab because he denied the addiction for a long time. We tried not to pressure him, we let him know that he was loved and that his family needed him.

Happy End

After he agreed, there was fear in his eyes, because not everyone understands what rehab is. My brother was in the center for a couple of months, we visited him several times a week. He never complained about the service or the conditions of his stay.

My brother is already living with us and says that he feels much better.

I hope that my story will help you understand the need to go to specialized help and rehabilitation centers. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!