Putin poised to launch second deadly missile strike on Kyiv ahead of NATO summit TOMORROW

Ukraine: Aftermath of Russian strikes on building in Kyiv

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Weapons expert Hamish de Bretton-Gordon told Express.co.uk that Putin “will try and unsettle” Kyiv by “firing some of his few remaining precision-guided missiles”. This comes ahead of the NATO summit taking place in Madrid from tomorrow. Yesterday, the Russian President launched a missile attack on Kyiv just hours before world leaders met for a G7 summit in Germany.

The strike, launched in the early hours of the morning, hit at least two residential buildings, the city’s Mayor Vitali Klitschko reported.

He confirmed that one man was killed in the strike, while six other people, including a woman from Russia, were taken to hospital with injuries.

A seven-year-old girl was rescued from the rubble, Mr Klitschko said, confirming on Telegram that she is still alive.

He said that more residents may still be trapped under the debris.

This is the first attack on the Ukrainian capital in three weeks, with missiles last striking the city on June 5.

Speaking after the attack on Kyiv, Mr Klitschko described it as an attempt to “intimidate Ukrainians” ahead of the G7 meeting and the Madrid NATO summit.

This is not the first time Putin’s forces have launched deadly strikes on Ukrainian sites ahead of key world events.

In March, Lviv was bombed by Russian forces just as US President Joe Biden delivered a major speech in Warsaw, which saw him declare that Putin “cannot remain in power”.

In April, Putin bombed Kyiv just hours after UN chief António Guterres held a press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the capital.

Mr De Bretton-Gordon told Express.co.uk that Putin is likely to launch further strikes ahead of Tuesday’s summit, saying the Kremlin leader would “do almost anything” to prevent a defeat in Ukraine.

He claimed that the Russians are “running out of precision missiles” so Putin is being forced to use them “judiciously”.

This means he may choose to fire them during this “really important week”, Mr De Bretton-Gordon said.

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When asked if Putin is likely to launch further strikes tomorrow, Mr De Bretton-Gordon said: “Yes – as over the weekend we had some strikes.

“I think it would appear that they’re running out of precision missiles, cruise missiles – so he’s having to use them pretty judiciously.

“So I would have thought that something like the Madrid summit where NATO is going to be talking about things like providing extra weaponry, long-range artillery for Ukraine.”

He added: “Things are finely balanced.

“If NATO puts more effort, more weaponry into Ukraine one can see over the next few weeks that Ukraine is going to push the Russians back to the February 2022 border.

“And that will be a failure for Putin, a failure for Russia and one can see that the Russians and Putin will do almost anything to prevent that happening.

“So I think it’s a really important week, and I’m sure Putin will try and unsettle those in Kyiv, and possibly Lviv as well, by firing some of his few remaining precision-guided missiles.”

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