Putin’s propaganda machine threatens to destroy London’s Tower Bridge

The propagandists of deranged warmongering dictator Vladimir Putin have chatted about the possibility of firing a missile at London’s Tower Bridge in response to possible strikes on a bridge in Crimea.

Speaking on state TV senior member of parliament Oleg Morozov suggested that Russia’s Kalibr missile could be used to carry out the attack.

He claimed that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was scheming with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to destroy a large bridge that links Crimea with mainland Ukraine.

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“The Crimean bridge from a military strategic view is similar to Tower Bridge in London,” said Morozov.

“If the UK is discussing a Crimean bridge attack with Ukraine, why don't we discuss using Kalibr missiles to attack Tower Bridge in return?”

A second MP, Yevgeny Popov, added that in order to make Morozov’s analogy “complete”, Russia should get help from China in order to destroy London’s historic landmark.

“I should discuss a Tower bridge attack with the Minister of Defence in China,” he said.

Morozov replied: “Yes…all the British media would go crazy then.

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“They would say that Kremlin propagandist Popov is discussing a hit on central London with a Chinese minister.”

Conversation then shifted to the presence of NATO troops in member states near the border of Russia.

The troops have been placed there by NATO in case Russia were to carry out a similar attack to the one currently being suffered by the people of Ukraine.

He discussed the justification of using tactical nuclear weapons as a response.

Speaking on the show Reserve colonel Igor Korotchenko, who is also editor-in-chief of Russia’s National Defence magazine, said: “Wherever there are American, British, NATO garrisons, bases, where weapon systems are deployed threatening us, aimed at St Petersburg, Kaliningrad, these are legal targets.

“I repeat, legal targets.

“And any moment when NATO is ready for aggression or starts the aggression — and we cannot rule out any options now — after being openly threatened.

“These are legal targets for Russia’s tactical nuclear strikes on NATO bases and deployed groups which will be in Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland and other countries.

“Our hands should be completely untied for quick and decisive actions in response….

"You threaten us, you want to strike us, we warn you.

“If you try, nothing will be left of you.

“I won’t talk about radioactive ashes…..but wait for a response that you are guaranteed to receive instantly and without any hesitation.”


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