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VLADIMIR Putin's "spiritual guide" is in hospital after narrowly dodging a car bomb attack that killed in daughter.

It comes as the tyrant's cronies demand the tyrant nuke the West over the reported assassination attempt on Saturday evening

Alexander Dugin –  said to be an architect of the Ukraine war – dodged the blast after switching cars at the last moment.

His daughter, propagandist Darya, died but evidence suggests Neo-Nazi mystic Dugin was the intended victim.

He is now in hospital, Putin's former adviser Sergei Markov has said.

Markov posted: "Poor Alexander Dugin. He is in the hospital now. Our huge condolences."

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Dugin and his daughter were guests of honour at the Tradition family festival at the Zakharovo estate and had planned to leave together, according to violinist and pal Peter Lundstrem.

But Dugin hopped into another vehicle and unknowingly dodged the attempted assassination.

Minutes later the far-right racist philosopher was pictured holding his head in horror as he stood amid the aftermath of the explosion.

Darya, 35, is said to have been killed instantly when her Toyota Land Cruiser Prado erupted in a fireball blast in Bolshie Vyazemy, on the outskirts of Russia's capital.

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But her father – Putin's "spiritual guide" – was intended to be in the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado which was hit. 

Philosopher Dugin apparently switched cars at the last minute. 

There is no direct evidence Ukraine or its agents were involved in the Moscow attack.

Yet senior pro-Putin war supporters were quick to demand an all out attack on Kyiv over the alleged assassination.

Margarita Simonyan, head of RT network, posted on Telegram: “Decision-making centres! Decision-making centres!! 

"Decision-making centres!!!"

Her call echoes a demand from hardliners loyal to Putin for him to wreak havoc with massive missile strikes on central Kyiv. 

Propaganda journalist Maxim Kononenko messaged: “the address of the main building of the SBU [Ukrainian secret services]: Volodymyrska 33, Kyiv.

"I'm going to try to sleep now, and when I wake up, I hope to read on the news that it was f****** bombed along with its basements.”

There were also warnings that other pro-Putin propagandists could be in danger. 

Denis Pushilin, the head of the Donetsk People's Republic, posted:  “The terrorists of the Ukrainian regime, trying to eliminate Alexander Dugin blew up his daughter…in a car. Blessed memory of Daria, she is a real Russian girl.”

He directly blamed "terrorists of the Ukrainian regime”.

Darya was described as “a young, smart, beautiful and incredibly talented and sympathetic woman”.

She was a political analyst and editor of pro-Putin journal United World International.

She was joint author of a book on Putin's war in Ukraine.

Her father is the author of an extreme rightwing view of Russia’s role in the world which held an appeal to Putin.

Dugin has been described as a “Russian fascist” and was connected to ultranationalist Tsargrad TV network.

The pair were pictured together at a pro-Putin public event shortly before she was killed.

Andrey Krasnov, the head of the Russian Horizon social movement and a close friend of the dead woman, said: “I knew Darya personally.

"This was the father’s vehicle. Darya…took his car today, while Alexander went in a different way. 


“He returned, and he was at the site of the tragedy. 

“As far as I understand, Alexander or probably both of them were the target.” 

It comes after Russian state TV also made calls for "decision making centres" to be blasted.

Putin crony Yury Kot warned escalating conflict at Europe's biggest atomic plant could lead to Armageddon with threats to unleash nuclear missiles on London and Washington. 

Ukraine has accused occupying forces of deliberately shelling the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station and a "suicidal" plan to blow it up with mines.

Moscow’s largest state-controlled TV channel gave air time to Yury Kot, the ranting leader of pro-Kremlin Ukrainian movement Parus.

He claimed it was Kyiv and the West jeopardising nuclear safety – and urged Putin to be ready to fire nukes at London and Washington. 

Kot said on Channel One: “We all understand very well that [Ukraine and the West] are concocting a fictional reality.

“We are dealing with the reality. We need to tell Ukraine and its supporting countries – Britain and America foremost…and make it clear.

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“If Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant is damaged and a disaster occurs, two missiles will immediately strike your decision-making centres.

“One in Washington, the other in London. Nuclear ones. And that’s it….there won't be any more talk.”

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