Russian TV host rolls eyes at claim US and Britain blew up Ukraine dam

Even Putin’s propagandist isn’t swallowing this one! State TV host rolls her eyes as Kremlin puppet blames the US and Britain for blowing up Ukrainian dam

  • Reserve colonel Korotchenko said on Rossiya-1 that US and UK behind dam bust
  • Olga Skabayeva appeared to roll her eyes to the ceiling during outlandish claim

Moscow’s propaganda machine has been in overdrive since the destruction of Ukraine’s Kakhovka Dam this morning, and now claims that Britain and the US may have been behind it have even left one of Putin’s puppets rolling her eyes.

Russian state TV host and friend of the Kremlin Olga Skabayeva was scarcely able to conceal her scepticism as Igor Korotchenko declared that the ‘terrorist attack’ was planned by Washington and London.

Reserve colonel Korotchenko said on Rossiya-1: ‘This is the direct responsibility of official London, Washington. And we have to call things by their proper name.’

Moscow has blamed Kyiv’s forces for staging strikes on the dam, which is in Russian-held territory in southern Ukraine on the Dnieper river.

But Ukraine immediately blamed ‘Russian terrorists’ for the attack, labelling it a ‘war crime’ as the breach has devastated towns and villages with floodwater pouring into the surrounding areas.

Igor Korotchenko declared that the ‘terrorist attack’ was planned by Washington and London

Unfounded claims around who is responsible for the blast were pushed on Russian media today, including on Skabeyeva’s talk show 60 minutes.

Dubbed Putin’s ‘Iron Doll’ for her steely looks and hardline stance on the war, Olga Skabeyeva is on the frontline of the Kremlin’s disinformation war and used to touting conspiracy theories.

But even Skabeyeva looked unimpressed with her guest’s bizarre rant, as she raised her eyes to the ceiling in what could be described as either boredom or disbelief.

Korotchenko, who is editor-in-chief of Russia’s National Defence magazine, made the outlandish claim that Ukraine’s allies may be to blame for the destruction of the dam as he spoke on the panel of Russian propagandists.

He said: ‘Let us remember the famous concept that was proposed by the American think-tank, the RAND Corporation to overstretch Russia, to stretch Russia’s forces to take it out of equilibrium.

‘As a matter of fact, one of the elements – this massive terrorist attack, which I am convinced was planned in Washington, in London. 

‘I think we have to look first and foremost for the British brainprint, with the combination of the capabilities that are in place in Ukraine, led to what happened today.’

Skabeyeva looked unimpressed with her guest’s bizarre rant, as she rolled her eyes to the ceiling in what could be described as either boredom or disbelief

His unevidenced claims were made against a backdrop of flashing images of the dam, as Russian state media tried to convince viewers that Ukraine was at fault for its dam’s decimation.

Ukraine and Russia have previously accused each other of targeting the dam, the failure of which could unleash 18million cubic meters (4.8billion gallons) of water.

Its breach could flood Kherson and dozens of other towns and settlements, Ukrainian authorities have warned, which are home to hundreds of thousands of people. 

The cause of the blasts is not yet clear, although Ukraine warned late last year that Russian forces had mined the dam as they retreated from Kherson.

This screen grab from a video posted on Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky’s Twitter account today shows an aerial view of the dam of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station after it was partially destroyed

A drone camera showed the extent of the flooding. Water is seen flowing over the top of the damaged dam

Ukraine’s state hydroelectric company said the Kakhova plant was destroyed by an explosion in the engine room – suggesting it was attacked from within rather than by external strikes.

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While British-supplied weapons have been reportedly used in Ukrainian strikes on Russian-held positions, there is zero evidence for Britain playing a role in the blast today.

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, who is currently in Kyiv reiterating the UK’s support for Ukraine, said it was too early to give a meaningful assessment of the details behind the destruction of a dam.

However, he was keen to stress that the devastation there had taken place because of Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukrainian territory.

He also appeared to suggest Russia may be behind the ‘abhorrent act’, and said: ‘intentionally attacking exclusively civilian infrastructure is a war crime.

‘The UK stands ready to support Ukraine and those affected by this catastrophe.’ 

Cleverly reaffirmed London’s support for how Kyiv defends itself against the Russian invasion and said Britain would continue to help provide Ukraine with the weaponry it needs.

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