School slammed for 'vile' licking game between students and STAFF

Disturbing moment Washington state middle school kids take part in ‘vile’ licking game between students and adult STAFF – as parents are left furious

  • Shocking footage showed a ‘disgusting’ licking game between schoolteachers and students 
  • The bizarre pep rally competition was held at Desert Hills Middle School in Kennewick, Washington 
  • Outraged parents have slammed the school for hosting the event, which saw students screaming that they also thought the game was ‘gross’ 

A Washington State middle school has been slammed as ‘disgusting’ after it hosted a bizarre licking game between students and staff. 

Shocking footage showed the outlandish competition at Desert Hills Middle School in Kennewick, Washington, where schoolkids and their adult teachers were tasked with licking marshmallow cream off either side of a plexiglass pane at the same time. 

Horrified students, some of whom recorded the game and showed their parents, can be heard in the video screaming ‘Ew’, ‘Disgusting’ and ‘That’s so gross’. 

After the disturbing footage was circulated, outraged parents have hit out at the middle school, with many questioning how the disturbing competition was allowed to go ahead. 

Shocking footage captured the bizarre game, where marshmallow cream was placed on either side of plexiglass before schoolkids and teachers licked it off 

The students can be heard in disturbing video of the competition screaming that the game was ‘gross’ and ‘disgusting’

The bizarre game was proposed as part of a pep rally and fundraiser held before the students departed for spring break. 

Two plexiglass panes with several spreads of marshmallow cream were positioned in the center of the school’s gym, before teams of students and teachers sprinted towards each other and licked the cream off the glass. 

The competition often saw the adult teachers and minor students licking their respective sides of the glass at the same time. 

‘Who thought this was a good idea?’ screamed one of the students, with many appearing extremely uncomfortable at the alarming game. 

Footage of the activity sparked fury among parents after it was shared online, with mom Sandie Salisbury questioning on social media how ‘this room full of adults did nothing to stop this from happening’.

‘My child came home from school on the last day before spring break and said that they had a really weird assembly that day,’ she continued. 

‘He shared briefly – but I had no idea and could never even imagine how incredibly inappropriate this really was. HOW HOW HOW did this happen.’ 

The mom added that school activities often have to go through several levels of permission before going ahead, feeling the game should have been prevented well before it should ultimately have been ‘stopped in the moment.’ 

‘I’m more than disappointed with this,’ she added. 

Parents have also claimed that one of the educators licking the glass is a vice principal, while the school’s principal, Casey Gant, was seen filming the game himself.  

Sandie Salisbury, who says she is a mother at the school, felt she could ‘never even imagine how incredibly inappropriate’ the school’s activities could be

The bizarre pep rally was held at Desert Hills Middle School in Kennewick, Washington

Salisbury was joined in her disgust by several other parents, with the mom of a student who filmed the event telling KTTH she was ‘baffled’ the game wasn’t stopped. 

‘When I first saw the video I was mortified,’ the mom added. ‘The pure lack of judgment was horrifying by the display of behavior from the trusted adults in the room. 

‘What got me even more upset was when I saw the principal laughing and then pulling his phone out to videotape or take pictures of the event. 

‘He seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the game, instead of protecting our children and stopping the game.’ 

Megan Sa, whose daughter filmed the game and later sent it to her, added to Fox News that she immediately emailed school officials to demand an explanation. 

The mom said she too was ‘baffled’ by the video, including one inciddent where a grown adult held a child’s head to the plexiglass while licking the other side. 

She said she was ‘most’ disturbed by a security guard, who she claimed ‘looked like he was licking the marshmallow off of the plexiglass in a sensual way.’

After initially calling other parents to question whether she may be overreacting in her outrage, Sa says she was met with similar disgust as many questioned ‘How did the adults in the room allow this to happen?’ 

‘At least five adults were in the room and they just continued to participate,’ she said, claiming that teachers didn’t tell the students what the game was until after they had signed up. 

‘If this is such a harmless and not an ill-intended game, then why the hell did you not share with the students what the game was going to be and the ground rules?’

Following the backlash to the competition, the school’s superintendent Dr Traci Pierce sent a letter to the school’s families. 

‘This activity does not reflect the high standards we hold for our staff members as outlined in district policy,’ she wrote. ‘The content of a video being shared on social media is highly concerning, and the situation is currently being investigated by the district.’

The school’s superintendent Dr Traci Pierce admitted that the game was ‘highly disturbing’, but insisted there was ‘zero evidence’ it was grooming 

Desert Hills Middle School principal Casey Gant also apologized for the event in a letter sent to outraged parents 

Pierce added that school officials would be ‘taking appropriate actions to address the situation’ after admitting numerous parents had complained. 

However, in a follow up email, Pierce reportedly insisted that while ‘there is no question about the appropriateness of the activity’, it was ‘clear that the intent of the activity was innocent and not ill-intended’. 

The video led many to argue it may be an example of ‘grooming’, however Pierce combatted those claims, continuing: ‘There is zero evidence to suggest or support that this was in any way “grooming” activity on the part of organizers or participants.

‘That being said, the fact that the activity was planned, occurred, and not stopped, shows a lack of sound discernment and good judgement, and the activity is not aligned with district expectations.’ 

Desert Hills Middle School Principal Casey Gant also apologized for the incident in a letter to parents, saying: ‘As building principal, I take ownership for the events that occur in my school, and I recognize the impact that this situation has had on our school community.

‘I am committed to the safety of our students and staff and will ensure that all future activities meet the highest professional standards and adhere to district policy,’ he added.   

‘Again, I apologize that this incident occurred and for the negativity brought to the Desert Hills community.’

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