Shaker RTA Kitchen Cabinets: simple but extremely beautiful

One of the most popular solutions for the modern kitchen room is shaker RTA cabinets. Such furniture is already ready for assembly. You’ll need just a screwdriver and a video guide, which you can find on the manufacturer’s website.

What attracts in shaker? What are the features?


Shaker originated in England in the 18th century as a kind of a protest against magnificence and pomposity of interiors of those days. Thence arises the key feature of the style – simplicity. RTA furniture is characterised by a strict geometry and sharp lines, it denies any extravagant décor. If there are any decorative fixtures, they do always have some functionality, e. g. a big bowl is used to store fruit and a vase is never empty but with flowers put in.

Please note that glass slides or large accessories are not specific to shaker RTA cabinets – once in a while you may find glass facades, but they will always be with flat arches.


RTA kitchen cabinets are made of natural wood. This is a noble material with excellent service properties. It is reliable, durable, resistant to environmental loads, and attractive with its unique texture.

Craving for genuineness is being preserved even in colour array. It is based on natural colours. High-key colours such as white, beige, and light grey are predominant. To vivify the furniture, designers use the contrast low-key tons such as olive, bottle-green, blue grey, dark blue, or chocolate.

Shaker is friendly to matte and pastel tones – any gloss is out of this style.


Each centimetre of furniture creates benefits. Islands are equipped as storage system, and the cabinets are high – they almost reach the ceiling. It means that they can house everything you need, from kitchenware and food to kitchen appliances or spices collections.

The cabinets ensure the well-arranged filling-up – roll-out trays, compartments of different dimensions behind the doors, open shelves.

Practicability can be observed in accessories as well. Only reliable fittings ensuring easy, smooth, noiseless opening, comfortable closing, and uninterrupted function of mechanisms are used in RTA kitchen cabinets. For instance, the noiseless and easy movement of drawers is ensured by a draw slide system, and finishers guarantee that the doors will never clap.

You can order shaker RTA furniture from Luxod LLC both online and by calling (850) 260-0805. We work with FSC certified timber, make up a furniture design concept for free and ensure fast delivery.