Snake filmed ‘jumping from roof’ concerns locals as they’re told to ‘be aware’

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    The freaky sight of a snake leaping off a rooftop was captured and scared local residents.

    The impact of the five-second video, uploaded to Twitter, has even caused some to say that they'll never leave their house again.

    Residents in Moreton Bay, Australia, have been warned by Liza Van Gelder, a snake catcher from Lockyer Valley in Queensland, to remain wary of snakes as "hatchlings are coming out".

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    The snake in the clip is perched rested at the edge of a roof and looks as if it'll fall, but instead, the animal takes flight and leaps forward before disappearing into a bush.

    Mark Booth, Councillor of Moreton Bay Regional Council, had his say on the startling video: "Well I could have easily gone the rest of my life not knowing they can do that."

    Ms Van Gelder gave her take on the video and what may have been the motivation for the snake.

    "The snake may have been trying to seek shade, or to get away to hide," she said.

    "They don't like to be seen, much. Birds sometimes try to attack them, so it could have been trying to escape from a bird.

    "Snakes actually do climb. I've come across a few eastern browns – highly venomous snakes – climb."

    She added: "Everyone reckons eastern browns don't climb, but they actually utilise their body to move side to side and climb up things. I've seen eastern browns up on roofs, up on window sills and other things."

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    Summer time means that snake catchers in the area have been incredibly busy as Ms Van Gelder has urged locals to be aware of hatchlings.

    "During the summer we have a fair few call outs. Some snake catchers are that busy that we actually have to refer calls between us to keep the community safe.

    "If we can't attend a call because we're already on a call out we refer someone else.

    "We are now starting to have hatchlings coming out. Please be aware."


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