Swearing resident gets snotty note telling them they live in posh area now

An anonymous “Karen” has been slammed after writing a note to a neighbour to “remind them” that they live in a place where swearing is is no longer welcome.

A letter from an angry resident in Kingswood, Hull, has gone viral after it warns a neighbour not to swear because they live in one of the “best places”.

However, the tone of the letter has enraged both the neighbour and Facebook users after it was shared on the Kingswood Community Facebook group, Hull Live reports.

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The handwritten note reads: “I couldn't help but hear the disgusting language that came from your household over the weekend. Polite reminder you are now on Kingswood, one of the best places to live! Not Preston Road!"

The area of Kingswood is a relatively new one, with plans to build homes for another 15,000 people submitted earlier this week.

The cost will be £30 million.

And that expansion has sparked and influx of new residents to the area – some more angry than others.

Reacting on Facebook, one person bluntly wrote: “Won't be allowed to f**t next.

“Never knew Kingswood was as posh as Buckingham Palace.

“Whoever wrote the letter needs to get a grip.”

While another posted: “Don't agree with anonymous letter at all, however if it was my neighbours I would just politely ask them to watch their language if loud and outside as I have a young child that I wouldn't want hearing it.”

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Despite the uptick in the area's reputation, according to some, a man was arrested yesterday after threatening staff at Kingswood's branch of McDonalds.

He also stole a large some of money.

Although nobody was hurt, he fled with the cash, and Craig Jennison is due in court next week.

A spokeswoman for Humberside Police said: "Mr Jennison has been charged with two counts of robbery, attempted robbery, possession of an offence weapon, threatening with an offensive weapon, theft from a motor vehicle, two counts of criminal damage and intentionally or recklessly causing public nuisance."

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