'Ted Lasso' star Juno Temple admits she doesn’t always know when she’s telling a joke on the show

Juno Temple joined The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Thursday, where she briefly spoke about her starring role on the hit TV show Ted Lasso, for which she recently received her second Emmy nomination. Though it has its fair share of dramatic situations, Ted Lasso is a comedy, which was not in Temple’s wheelhouse at the time she was cast.

“Backstage,” Fallon said, “you were saying, ‘Yeah, I didn’t know I could be funny, or I didn’t think…’ You’re a dramatic actor.” “I was known definitely more for — yes, you know, I’ve played, like, lesbian werewolves,” Temple replied jokingly.

Temple credited Ted Lasso lead Jason Sudeikis for his part in casting the show, but admitted that she doesn’t always know when a line is supposed to be a joke.

“I think, you know, he has this ability with a lot of people cast in the show, to see something in all of us that we didn’t necessarily think we had in us at all,” Temple said. “That being said, a lot of the times I’m telling jokes on Ted Lasso, I don’t know they’re a joke, so…”

Temple also admitted that when she first heard from Sudeikis for the role of Keeley on Ted Lasso, she thought he’d made a mistake.

“He sent me a text,” Temple said, “and there was this moment where I had thought, ‘Oh Gosh, this is gonna be awkward because I’m pretty sure he has text the wrong actress.’ And I’m gonna have to write back being like, ‘Yo, this is Juno Temple. I don’t know if you actually know who I am.’”

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