The Role of a Dispatcher in Driving a Truck

A dispatcher is an essential representative of the local or regional transportation company. This person dispatches trucks, manages the drivers’ schedule, coordinates them throughout the entire route, guarantees punctual and high-quality delivery of goods. This job position is very responsible; it requires stress resistance and attentiveness. Also, dispatchers contact customers, place orders, and keep in touch with the driver.

Dispatcher’s Work: Main Tasks & Responsibilities

Dispatching requires regular communication with the driver — regional expediters do this every 24 hours. They calculate ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) and check if the drivers are keeping up with their schedules. Each dispatcher acts according to the regulations and other guidelines to control the movement of vehicles in the most efficient way.

Route Planning

For the cargo to be delivered from one place to another, the dispatcher must develop an exact (and best-matching) route plan. It is important to know the opening hours of enterprises, warehouses, other places of product collection or storage. The purpose of such work is to compare the company’s trucks and drivers with the transporting cargo.

Communication With the Driver

Dispatchers keep in touch with the client and the driver, with the warehouse, the point of departure and delivery, the customer of the cargo, and more. Truckers also call expediters:

  • to report on their schedule (fulfillment of schedule, current location, etc.);
  • to report on the departure to and from the warehouse, on the current location;
  • tell about an emergency (accident, breakdown, traffic jam, illness, etc.).

Other Functions Performed by Dispatchers

People who hold the expediting position should not just dispatch trucks. Here, the dispatcher also fills out a journal with reports (receive and register waybills), makes an issue and accepts these papers, controls the correct using and remaining fuel of trucks, and submits documents to the accounting department.

Dispatchers also report to the company’s management about the health and the performance of the drivers’ work (about violations as well). If things go sideways, then the expediter must prevent things getting out of hand. To sum up, the qualified dispatcher is a person who can find the most beneficial solutions for all the transportation chain players.