The topmost solution for business banking

Modern online banking simplifies the daily workload of businessmen, who can focus on their company instead of managing money all the time. Open business account to make payments from any place, arrange transactions, transfer money online and exchange them and do many more other options 24 hours per day with zero bureaucracy. A reliable business account will support the growth of your business, so you should know a bit about it.

Main reasons to open a business account

business account is quite similar to a personal one. It allows the company to pay bills, make purchases and save money. Utilizing it the owner separates personal financial data from the same information about the company. Therefore, a business account is really helpful in organizing business activity properly.

To work efficiently, the owner of a small business can open an online account. This option suits the needs and becomes really popular in Europe. You do not have to go to the bank and waste your time. Everything you need can be done quickly and easily.

Open a business account to enjoy the following preferences:

  • Easy bookkeeping, while you can simply track revenues and separate private expenses.
  • Proving legitimacy in the case of an audit, as a business account reveals the activity of the company properly.
  • Access to loans for business.
  • Creating a professional image for your partners and clients.

Altogether, the business account simplifies and organizes the financial operations of the company and is really helpful in everyday practice.

Genome Account as a great solution

Money of the company must be stored and processed properly, which means that it’s better to think twice while choosing where to open an online account.

For those who do not have any experience or even a negative one, we highly recommend a Genome Account. This online account can be opened easily and very quickly. All you need is to verify the ownership of the business through the website.

Then you’ll get the account with the next options:

  • Money can be stored in USD, GBP, or EUR.
  • Transfer money easily and create templates for regular transactions.
  • You can open access to the account for the employees and manage it together.
  • The prices for the service are transparent and affordable.
  • The support team is always ready to help you and solve any evolving issues.

In a nutshell, you just need to try this account to enjoy all the benefits and simplify your work.