These Celebs Get Real About How Their Bad Behavior Impacted Career Opportunities

No one likes going through controversy, especially when it costs you money.

Big public figure have the earning potential to bank millions from TV and movie roles, lucrative NIL deals and even social media ads. Conversely, they could stand to lose anything based on a misunderstanding, gross misstep, ranging from legal woes or a private-turned-public scandal they couldn’t keep under wraps. One wrong move could hold the potential of derailing a star’s career, or at the very least, losing out on lucrative deals.

For example, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” faced serious backlash after a slew of workplace complaints became public, ultimately forcing the show to end early. The host has since come out to apologize, but it wasn’t enough.

She isn’t the only one whose behavior has allegedly cost her millions. Here are a few other examples.

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