Tories would win just THREE seats under Liz Truss in an election today

Tory party would win just THREE seats under Liz Truss if an election was held today, as Starmer’s Labour storms ahead with 33-point lead, new poll shows

  • A new poll shows Labour an astonishing 33 points in front of the Conservatives 
  • Data analysis suggests the lead would give Tories just three seats in an election
  • A Conservative grandee warned they could ‘cease to exist as a political party’
  • Labour’s lead is the largest since Tony Blair’s leadership in the late 1990s  

Liz Truss’s Conservative party would be almost completely wiped out if an election was held today – winning a mere three seats – according to a bombshell poll.

A new poll by YouGov showed the Tories trailing behind Keir Starmer’s Labour Party by a huge 33 points. 

The latest figures show Labour with a majority of the vote on 54 per cent, with the Conservatives behind with less than half that on 21 per cent.

Data analysed with the Electoral Calculus suggests if the poll was recreated in a general election, it would mean a near-total wipeout for the Conservative Party. 

The model shows the party holding three seats while Labour win 565 seats out of 650 in the Commons. 

New Prime Minister Liz Truss has seen her party’s poll ratings plunge following Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget last Friday.

The government’s economic plan, including the biggest tax cut in 50 years, failed to reassure markets as the value of the pound dropped sharply and UK stocks plummeted. 

Keir Starmer’s Labour party has a 33 point lead in the polls – the largest in decades 

The latest poll by YouGov shows Labour on 54 per cent and the Conservatives on 21 per cent, while Electoral Calculus (bottom) suggests these figures would mean the Tories would win just three seats

Concerns over the economy, including interest rates, inflation and their impact on mortgages, have been reflected in a sharp drop in support for the Conservative government.

Polls now show the Labour could win a huge majority in the hundreds, with the Electoral Calculus suggesting it could be as large as 480 seats.

Tory Grandee Sir Charles Walker even warned the Conservatives would be finished as a political force if an election was held which reflected the latest polls.

He told Channel 4 News the Tories would ‘cease to exist as a political party’ in such a scenario.

Labour’s 33-point lead is the highest the party have managed since the late 1990s under Tony Blair.

A significant driver in the massive lead is the number of 2019 Conservative voters who say they would switch to Labour at the next election. 

Figures show the number of such voters has doubled from 8 per cent to 17 per cent in less than a week.

Prime Minister Liz Truss is under immense pressure as the value of the pound plummets and the Tories fall to 21 per cent in the polls 

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng has sought to reassure fellow Conservative MPs after his mini-budget, which included huge tax cuts, spooked markets and saw the pound’s value plunge

A mere 37 per cent of 2019 Conservative voters say they would do so again if an election was held now. 

Another poll by Survation also showed Labour 21 points ahead in the polls – higher than Blair’s 13-point lead when he won a landslide in 1997.

Kwasi Kwarteng tried to reassure Tory MPs earlier today by telling them the party was ‘one team and need to remain focused’. The Chancellor blamed the ‘immense global market volatility’ for the tanking UK economy in the last week.

Keir Starmer has called for an emergency recall of parliament following Mr Kwarteng’s mini-budget last week and the subsequent economic downturn.

The Labour leader called for the government to U-turn on its economic plan and argued the Tories had ‘lost control’ of the economy.

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