Ukraine LIVE: Horror as new Chechen warrior regiment prepares for ‘powerful assault’

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Speaking on his Telegram channel, Russian-Chechen author German Sadulaev claims the new “Akhamt” regiment – which will belong to the Russian Ministry of Defence rather than the more lightly-armed Russian Guard – is being formed in Chechnya as announced personally by Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov. He said: “According to the staff of the [Russian] Ministry of Defence, the battalion is armed with tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armoured personnel carriers, artillery, mortars,’ Sadulaev wrote of the new Chechen units. There will be everything you need for an active offensive in the first line. Given the high degree of motivation and psychological readiness of the Chechens for war, it is clear that these battalions will become a powerful assault weapon on the Ukrainian fronts.” These claims are contrary to British intelligence which suggests Russian forces are “increasingly hollowed out” and “accept a level of degraded combat effectiveness which is probably unsustainable in the long term”.


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