Uss Express llc testimonials: review on the delivery job vacancy from the employer

Uss Express reviews working conditions for an average employee

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the most important aspects of the logistic manager vacancy offered by the company. While reviewing this employer, we paid attention to the following criteria of estimation:

  1. Salary and career prospects
  2. Job responsibilities
  3. Ability to work from home
  4. Reviews from real employees
  5. Public reputation

Salary and career prospects of the logistic clerk

Talking about the salary of a logistic manager in Uss-Express, it’s important to mention that it’s constantly growing related to the growth of the company’s revenues. To have a better understanding of this process, let’s take a look at this table that compares salaries of Uss-Express full-time workers throughout different time periods.

Year Monthly average salary (USD) Growth (compared to the previous period)
2019 2,300
2020 2,600 +11,5%
2021 3,000 +13,3%

Productive and efficient workers, who help the company increase its revenues, have great chances to get a fast promotion. Besides, this is relevant not only for a full-time specialist, since the logistic manager is a flexjob so part-timers also have fine career prospects.

Logistic clerk job responsibilities description

In a nutshell, a logistic clerk is a coordinator who monitors and controls the whole process of the delivery order processing. In addition to that, this position includes the following set of duties:

  • Ensuring order fulfillment
  • Preparing documents for shipments
  •  Providing reports towards inventory
  • Transportation administration
  • Coordinating the work of warehouse staff

Ability to work from home

The company provides good opportunities to work from home. To get a remote position, any applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a personal computer or laptop
  • Have a cell phone with a camera
  • Have a physical address: house or apartment
  • Have an access to a printer

The company guarantees complete 24/7 support of remote employees. Those who work from home get access to a usable web app where all the duties are explained in detail.

Uss-express rate: testimonials from real workers

Uss-express encourages its workers to leave their reviews and share their working experiences on different forums. While preparing this article, we’ve studied a great number of them, so we can provide the following conclusion:


  • Qualifications aren’t necessary
  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible work conditions
  • Responsive managers and clear instructions
  •  Ability to work remotely
  • Ability to combine job and studying


  • A great number of duties
  • An intense workload for full-timers, which causes a lack of free time

Public reputation description

Uss-Express is a reputable employer that is often reviewed by specialized respectable international mass media such as Expressdigest, Expressinformer, and others. Specialists from the media claim that the company is one of the most trusted partners in terms of employment in the e-commerce industry.