What is a GTIN Exemption and How Can You Apply for It?

Becoming an Amazon trader, everyone must come across GTIN exemption at some point. To gain lots of interesting information about what is gtin in amazon, what its main purpose and its great advantages are, this article will sort everything out.

GTIN Exemption In Simple Words 

GTIN Number represents Global Trade Identification Number. This is a unique set of 14 digits arranged in a code. It is used by organizations to keep products and services in order and to guarantee their fast identification. Sometimes you may face this number called a product ID number.

Speaking in further detail, it deals with GS1 – global international product database. This is a non-commercial company aimed at working out and establishing worldwide norms for international business links. Being widely implemented in GS1, GTINs included and utilized in barcodes. The GTIN barcode is viewed as a set of vertical strokes that are put on various product packages. The most important is that such a technique implemented internationally according to Industry Standard.

Trading on large marketplace, you should know that GTIN number is an obligatory option for every product, otherwise, it will be impossible to perform your operations. But there exists another way of trading using exemption of GTIN.

The Profit Of GTINs Utilization  

Imagine that there are no identification labels at all, then there will be real chaos in the trading world, especially on huge platforms. According to the rules of international selling, every item, that is meant to be sold, has to possess a unique product identifier. It is designed to find out your project among millions of others and to trace its way if necessary. UPIs are attributed by a factory and remain the same forever despite the products’ reselling. Due to this technique, your goods will easily be found by customers that in turn, makes your offers more valuable. In spite of visible advantages, some products still do not possess UPI.

Various Types of UPIs

In general, UPIs consist of several main parts, it is not just a code of random digits. Depending on the country of utilization, GTINs are divided into multiple kinds. There are different kinds for trading in the United States of America, outside its borders, for trading in Japan, Europe and for international shipping.

The Ways of Obtaining a GTIN  

Unfortunately, even the most experienced traders have not invented fast and simple ways of getting an identification number for goods yet. Moreover, certain companies still require the obligatory utilization of GTIN, so it makes the life of traders more complicated, eliminating the possibility of avoiding it. To obtain a number, you can undertake one of the complicated steps mentioned below:

  • Asking the barcode manufacturer to authorize the code that is used by GS1 system.
  • Direct purchasing of a number from GS1.
  • Checking whether the desired code is mentioned in GS1.
  • Possibility to apply for exemption of GTIN.

The Process of Obtaining Exemption of GTIN 

Before sending a request to receive a number from Amazon, check to see whether the item is named appropriately and meets certain requirements. If everything is alright and a start has been made, here is the obtaining pyramid described in detail in our instruction.

  1. First, open Аpply for a GTIN exеmption pаge, push Selеct and fill in the necessary Prоduct catеgory;
  2. Fill the goods name or select Generic;
  3. Push Eligibility Check and look at Status;
  4. Press the button with Submit proof, on the opened page fill the name of the good and attach its pictures;
  5. Finish with Submit request and wait for a quick answer from Amazon.

With minimal effort and spending little time, you will be able to trade successfully worldwide.