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AT just 15, Emma Rawson was targeted and groomed by killer Ian Huntley.

Now, 20 years on, she has opened up about the torment she suffered at the hands of Huntley and the guilt she lives with every day.

Who is Emma Rawson?

Emma Rawson is a victim of convicted murderer Ian Huntley.

She was just 15 when Huntley, then seven years older, targeted her.

He moved her into his house in Immingham near Grimsby as his live-in lover in 1996.

Although her story was revealed in the wake of the monster’s trial she never spoke at length.

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A grim picture emerged after Huntley was convicted of grooming teenage girls for relationships before he became abusive, reported The Scotsman.

Huntley had also groomed Katie, who like Emma was also 15 at the time.

Katie fell pregnant to her abuser, but left him before their daughter Samantha Bryan was born.

Emma faced the same abuse, and reveals how he forced her to tell social services that they weren't sleeping together.

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When she was pregnant, Emma said: "I told him I was pregnant, I did a pregnancy test and he didn't take it very well so he got me by the throat up a wall because he'd started seeing someone else at this point"

“He got me by the throat and said if you spoil this for me 'I’ll kill you'."

She later miscarried after leaving Huntley and moving out of the home they shared.

Speaking of the loss of her pregnancy to the Grimsby Live, Emma said: “I’m very happy I lost the child. I wasn’t ­devastated. At that point I was 16 and pregnant to a scumbag. I hated him. I’m so relieved. Can you imagine trying to explain to your child that their dad is Britain’s most evil killer? Or even telling people you had a child with Ian Huntley?”

How did Ian Huntley and Emma Fish meet?

It is not known how Ian Huntley met Emma Rawson, but she was just 15 when he first started grooming her.

Describing how she fell for him, Emma said her teenage self felt “safe” with the child killer.

She said: “I was 15 years old when I met Ian. He kind of swept me off my feet, made me feel safe – at first. And he was a handsome, handsome guy.”

But she added: “If I had been the only one, yeah, you could understand how that could slip through the net but I wasn’t.”

Where is Emma Rawson now?

Emma Rawson is now 42-years old and has lived in Coningsby, Lincolnshire for the last 18 years, with her husband Kevin, 42, and children, Luke, Charlie and Frankie.

In 2017 she appeared in Channel 5 documentary 'Soham Revisited: 15 Years On' to tell her story.

She told the cameras she didn't know what was happening to he because she was so young.

Emma said: "You don't know do you? You are a child yourself.

"What sort of a normal 22 year-old man hangs around with children? It's all about power.

"For definite. The only reason that man went with kids is for the power trip."

What has Emma Rawson said about Ian Huntley?

At the time of their relationship believed the pair were in love, but now 20 years on, she had expressed her guilt for not reporting Huntley sooner.

She had lied to social services about her relationship with Huntley seven years before he murdered Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

“I’m sorry for lying to social services and saying we weren’t in a relationship.

“Had I said we were sleeping together, things might be different, he might not have been free to kill those girls. I feel guilty. I’m also angry that no one stopped him."

She also added her frustrations at the authorities, Emma said:

“Looking back, the police should have been banging the door down.

"It was a missed ­opportunity to stop him. If he was put on a register he would never have got a job at Holly and ­Jessica’s school.”

She has also opened up about the moment she discovered her ex-boyfriend was involved in the disappearance of the two 10 year-old schoolgirls.

At the time, Emma was living in West London and working in a pub, when she opened a newspaper and in front of her was Huntley's face.

Recalling that very moment, Emma said: ''I just said, 'Oh my God.' They were still looking for the girls at this point. I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach, I felt sick.

''He likes young girls. I’ll never get the image of Holly and Jessica out of my head. I can see them now, clear as day with the Man United T-shirts on. I don’t think that will ever leave me. I don’t want to imagine what he put those young girls through.”

Speaking of Huntley Emma expressed her hatred for the killer.

She said: “I can’t believe he’s still alive. I thought he would have killed himself in prison because he’s a coward. I’ve never hated anyone like that. He doesn’t deserve to be alive.

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''I remember them [police] saying to me how lucky I was that I could have been a victim of something much worse. It’s terrifying. I trusted him.”

Although two decades have passed, Emma is still haunted by Huntley to this day and suffers from nightmares.

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