‘Worst Pizza Hut in UK’ with food ‘like bottom of shoe’ and sick customers

The "Worst Pizza Hut" in the UK has been slammed by angry customers on Tripadvisor.

The Pizza Hut delivery outlet in Rochester, Kent has a staggering 27 one-star "terrible" reviews out of the 36 that have been posted.

Just five reviews have ranked the establishment either "very good" or "excellent" with cold food, arduous waiting times and unfortunate gastric side effects among some of the complaints.

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One Tripadvisor user titled their review simply: "DO NOT USE THIS PIZZA HUT."

They said they decided to order a "large meat feast" with "potato wedges and garlic bread" as a New Year's Eve treat.

Alarm bells started ringing as they "could see pizzas being cooked and left on a shelf out the back", and when they returned home with the pizza they claimed it was "cold" with "soft and rubbery" cheese.

They said: "[It was] the same as a pizza looks the next day. This looked like a day old pizza.

"We had a few slices then threw the rest in the bin."

They also claimed that the garlic break was "like a cold bit of stale bread" and the wedges had "raw potato in the middle".

They added: "It was the only thing we [had to] eat yesterday and today we are both sick…"

Another reviewer criticised the Pizza Hut for "poor customer service".

They wrote: "Order now, might get it in 4 hours. They won’t tell you that… you find out only if you chase late delivery."

Several others complained of waits ranging from 45 minutes to more than two hours, and one even described the pizzas themselves as feeling like "a bottom of the shoe".

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The poor reviews span from 2014 to 2021, although no reviews – neither good nor bad – have been posted this year.

However, not every customer seemed to think it was the UK's worst Pizza Hut.

One singled out "the service by a guy called Jason", describing him as "incredible" and the pizzas as "good".

Another explained that they were worried about the poor reviews but ordered anyway and were pleasantly surprised.

They said: "Having looked at reviews [I] was a bit worried. However I used the app and you can buy pizza at £5.

"We have ordered from here 3 times. Delivery is quick and food had been excellent."


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