Get Chrome Nails at Home With This Simple Hack

Image Source: Getty/Frazer Harrison / Staff
There’s no denying that chrome nails are having a huge moment right now. From Hailey Bieber’s glazed-doughnut nails to textured-chrome accents, different shades of the metallic colors have been sweeping social media for months. Still, there’s something about a fully chrome manicure that just screams: “I’m way cooler than everyone here.”

However, if you’re an avid chrome manicure wearer, you’ll know that the powders can be a bit of a hassle to work with. “Chrome powder can cause quite a mess during application,” Eunice Park, manicurist and Aprés Nail’s research and development manager, tells POPSUGAR. “Not to mention, it has a tendency to chip.” If you’re committed to your chrome nails, we found the shortcut that you’ll definitely want to keep in your back pocket.

Created by manicurist Sasha Podgorny, the hack takes your regular chrome powder and turns it into a liquid. “By suspending the chrome powder in the pH Bonder, it is spread more evenly due to the liquid medium,” Park says. “Then, once the pH Bonder evaporates, you’re just left with a really smooth chrome finish (and much less mess).”

Doing the hack is fairly easy and just requires a bit of strategic maneuvering. “First, apply Top Gelcoat X ($13) and cure for 30 seconds, then mix a few drops of pH Bonder with the chrome powder of your choice,” Park says. “Once you apply this mix onto the nail, give it a few seconds to help the pH Bonder dissipate, then rub the surface of the nail.”

The one drawback of this hack is that you’ll need to create the mixture from scratch every time. “The liquid is not something that you can store, because eventually the pH Bonder will dehydrate,” Park says. “So you will need to mix it in the moment.” Should you want just that glazed-doughnut finish instead of a full metallic chrome, Aprés created the Heavenly Top Gelcoat set ($70), which uses shimmer particles encased in gel, to get that wet-looking finish to the nail (also without the mess).

Now that you know all of these tips and tricks to achieve your best chrome nails, go forth and make the summer yours. Whether you’re opting for a bridal glazed-doughnut french mani or going full silver chrome for Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour, you can rest assured you’ll have the coolest nails in the room.

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