Of Course Halsey Makes Itty Bitty Bangs Look Chic

Image Source: Getty/Samir Hussein / Contributor

If you have a summer mood board around, Halsey is going to be on it. On June 9, the singer posted a series of selfies on Instagram ahead of a performance at the Primavera Porto Festival in Portugal. In a departure from their usual “bixie” haircut, they wore a bob hairstyle with micro bangs.

Instead of hitting at the nape of her neck, Halsey’s black hair was cropped at chin length. She paired the short style with micro bangs, which provided a rocker-chic edge, fitting for a global pop star like herself. Messy curls were added throughout the style, giving it a grunge feel. In addition to Halsey, the look has been spotted on stars like Ariana Grande and Katy Perry in recent months.

Micro bangs, otherwise known as baby bangs, take traditional bangs and chop off an additional inch or two, allowing them to sit comfortably above the eyebrows. Though their’s is likely courtesy of a wig, Halsey’s version of the style followed all the rules of the cut to the letter. The style works on all hair types and textures, providing a that “intentionally undone” look that feels equal parts editorial and effortless.

Inspired to try your hand at the micro bangs trend? Take a closer look at Halsey’s to help you find your perfect version of the cut.

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