Billie Shepherd ‘cried’ over son Arthur ‘smothering’ baby Margot after ‘feeling pushed out’

Billie Shepherd has shared that she was left in tears over her "jealous" son's actions after he felt "pushed out" by her newborn baby Margot.

The former TOWIE star, 32, gave birth to her youngest daughter in December, and has now opened up about how her elder children eight-year-old Nelly and Arthur, six, have responded to the newcomber.

Billie has said that Arthur has become rather jealous at not being the youngest in the family anymore and had begun to become slightly “smothering” over both Billie and Margot.

Opening up to OK! about this, Billie told us: "I think what it was in those early days, you’ve got this tiny little newborn, they’re so fragile and there was so much illness around the time she was born, I felt so protective over her.

"Because I was a bit like, 'Oh, careful!' it made him go the opposite way. He was so full on with her. When I look back at it, at the time I was having all the emotions of a newborn and it was probably more me just being overprotective. It was his way of trying to show his love and affection, but sometimes it was a bit too much.

“He’d do things like breathe on her, knew one day I’d laugh about it, but at the time it would make me cry" she continued.

"I think he was feeling that bit of jealousy – he’s always been the baby and throughout my pregnancy he became very attached to me and that was the start of it. When I had Margot, he felt pushed out.”

And discussing Nelly's relationship with her younger sister, Billie said: "Nelly has been amazing. Right from the start she was really good.

"In the beginning, she was lovely and held Margot, but she wasn’t as fussed as Arthur and wanting to be hanging over me, she just let me get on.

"Now she picks her up out of the pram and walks around with her. But I can say to Nelly, 'Darling, can you watch her for Mummy?' It’s really nice being able to do that. For the kids I think it’s only going to keep getting better.

Billie has also opened up about the difficulties of having a newborn around the home, as she reveals that Margot sleep schedule is rather unpredictable.

She told us: "Some nights she has good nights, some nights are bad. There’s no great sleeping pattern through the night."

Explaining how she's been coping with the sleep deprivation, Billie continued: "Some days I’m fine, and then others I’m like a zombie.

"What I really struggle with is if I have loads of questions thrown at me, or I’m trying to organise plans, I really struggle to concentrate on one thing. It’s like brain fog. I didn’t have that with Nelly and Arthur and I think it could be something hormonal as well. It’s a mixture, because my life is quite full on."


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