Britney Spears Calls Out People 'Talking S**t' Saying She 'Deserved To Be Smacked' By Security Guard!

Britney Spears is standing up for herself in the aftermath of the Las Vegas incident in which she was smacked by an NBA security staffer.

Of course, the Toxic singer has been in the news this month after she was shockingly struck by a security guard protecting San Antonio Spurs rookie sensation Victor Wembanyama. Spears had gone up to him outside the hotspot Catch in the ARIA Hotel to show her appreciation. But as she approached, Spears was “backhanded” by a Spurs security staffer later identified as Damian Smith.

Smith reportedly apologized personally to Spears after the incident occurred. But she still looked into police action on the matter considering the unprovoked and remarkably violent strike. Since then, she’s come out with her reaction to the incident — and now, she’s back for more.

Late on Tuesday night, Spears took to Instagram to post a minute-long video recounting her take on some of the fallout from last week’s slap. Spears first focused her attention on some people who have said she “deserved” to be struck for approaching the French-born basketball star.

She started by calling out an unnamed radio station that has supposedly been “talking smack and talking s**t” about Spears’ role in the incident. The Mickey Mouse Club alum said:

“Hi, so, I want to share with you guys an incident that happened in Vegas that a lot of people are talking about. I heard on the news this radio station talking smack and talking s**t, and that’s why I’m addressing it. Saying that I deserved to be smacked, security was doing their job, and protecting their client.”

It’s not clear the radio station to which she was referring. Regardless, she then pointed to her own long career in the public eye as an example for how to not strike or assault fans who rush up to stars.

Referencing her days way back when spent hanging out with Justin Timberlake and the *NSYNC crew, and also her own experiences with overzealous fans, the Baby One More Time singer added:

“I’ve been with the most famous people in the world. *NSYNC at one time, girls would, like, literally throw themselves at them. On my way into the place, I was knocked down by, like, three 12-year-olds trying to get my picture. My security not one time touched them or even came near them.”

The Louisiana-born star then wrapped it up in a flourish. She argued that “no woman ever deserves to be hit,” which, first off, YES. It’s sad that has to even be put out there, but that must be the bare minimum here, right?

Spears concluded by hinting at her desire for a public apology:

“Point being is, I didn’t appreciate the people saying I deserved to be hit, because no woman ever deserves to be hit. I simply tapped him on the back, and I was backhanded, hit in the face, came back on the floor, and my best friend picked me up and held me. I did get an apology at my table thirty minutes later. But I have yet to receive a public apology. And that’s it.”

So there you have it!

You can watch her full statement on the matter (below):

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Just one interesting note for Spears’ Tuesday night video, tho: she said in her closing remarks that she “came back on the floor” after the strike, at which point her BFF “picked me up and held me.”

Judging by video of the incident itself, however, Spears did not fall down. Her glasses definitely fell off. And people certainly rushed to her aid. But the clip does not show the songstress leaving her feet after being struck. Just for the record!

Anyways, what do U make of Brit’s new commentary, Perezcious readers? Entirely sensible and reasonable, no? No woman ever deserves to be hit! Can’t make things much simpler than that.

It’ll be interesting to see if she ever receives that satisfactory public apology, tho…

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