Bun B Gushes Over Meeting Taylor Swift at Questlove’s Party

Bun B is the latest rap star to join the Taylor Swift fan club after a chance encounter left him starstruck!!!

The Underground King was out in NYC Tuesday night when he ended up at a Questlove party full of good vibes and food … as it was a cannabis-infused cuisine from Chef Nikki Seward.

Filmmaker Joseph Patel convinced Bun to take a photo with someone named “Taylor” as he headed out, which turned out to be the Taylor.

bun b taylor swift

Bun says his TS intro measures up to the times he met ex-Prezzie Barack Obama and Beyoncé … and thinks it might be time for him to apply for Swiftie membership!!!

Flavor Flav also recently caught that same spirit after both meeting Taylor, and attending one of her “Eras” Tour shows this spring.

The Public Enemy rapper told us he experienced similar to what Bun shared … a warm presence that left him floored.

Nice to know Taylor’s so charming, but we better not see Bun posting about Jake Gyllenhaal‘s scarves and s**t!!!

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