Can YOU guess the film star from their stunt double?

Can YOU guess the film star from their stunt double? Big and small screen actors with their daredevil lookalikes

Stunt doubles are often the un-sung stars of Hollywood as they put their bodies and lives on the line in dangerous situations. 

In January, pregnant Kaley Cuoco’s body double even went to the lengths of sporting a matching prosthetic belly.

However, thanks to the magic of editing, these daredevil doubles go unnoticed.

Putting the spotlight on them for a change, can you guess what star they are for?

Can you guess the identity of this A-list Hollywood star chatting with their stunt double on set in New York? 

Which star of a popular BBC drama is keeping warm with a pair of earmuffs alongside her stunt double? 

Having a merry time! Can you work out which actor is sharing a drink with their jolly-looking double?

Stunt doubles can make anywhere from £8,500 to £216,000 a year, with the average salary at around £38,762.

Only a select few at the very top of the industry earn a six figure annual income. 

Life can also be deeply unglamorous, despite what you might think.

Stunt doubles might be flown to exotic locations, but days can often be long and arduous.  

Suited and booted: Can you guess which famous film star is walking with their double on location in Italy?

Which Hollywood star was spotted on a boat on the River Thames in London with her body double?

Double denim: Which British actor can be seen filming an advert for Calvin Klein? 

Can you guess the America actress was spotted filming Netflix film with their double in Co Mayo?

Having a good old laugh: Which former soap star can be seen making her body double chuckle?

Many of them have to film for 14 hours a days, or even longer, and that’s not including night shifts. 

Also, if you are filming a complex water scene perhaps you may have to spend the entire day submerged in water. 

On top of the uncomfortable filming conditions, preparing for a stunt can take weeks of planning and rehearsing. 

It also takes hours to set up a scene to get the right cars, lighting and equipment.  

Tricky: The identity of this Spanish star filming with his double in New York might be tough to guess

Sliding onto set: Which US actress was walking around in comfortable footwear with her body double?

Can you guess which UK actor and DJ (big clue) was spotted on the set of an action movie in Glasgow?

Playing the part: This body double looks like she’s really in character, but who is she stepping in for?

Which Hollywood star and comedian is being directed on this film set with his stunt double?

Which dapper-looking actor is filming with his double on the set of a film in New York? 

For Marvel fans, this double superhero suit might be a giveaway, but which actress is the star of the film? 

There is also a great deal of pressure on stunt people to deliver the goods in one take.

On huge set piece film sets with an explosion or chase sequence, stunt doubles don’t have the luxury of having many takes to play with unlike actors in a simple dialogue scene. 

Especially when there is a lot of money being spent on stunts, it can make the environment highly pressurised.  

On top of that, continuing to ask a stunt double to re-shoot a scene can increase the risk factor dramatically. 

This British actor looks unrecognizable with short hair as he films a scene in a Zombie movie with his double

Can you guess which actress is standing on a Californian beach with her body double? 

Which major celebrity was spotted laughing with her body double on a film set in Manhattan?

Something’s funny: Can you guess the identity of this Hollywood star just from their stunt double?

Too easy? Surely you can guess which famous actor this body double is for 

Which Avengers star can be seen eating food with their body double on a film set

Which big-time actress is walking the streets of Washington DC with her body double? 

Intricate: Which star is sporting an identical suit to their body double?

Daniel Craig’s stunt double, for instance, on the set of his fifth and final James Bond film No Time To Die was the former Army man Andy Torbet.

The Scottish-born stunt double is an underwater explorer, professional cave diver, sky diver, free diver and climber.

He has also presented on the BBC’s The One Show as well as a host of other nature programmes.

He spent ten years in the British Armed Forces as a Paratrooper, Army Diver and bomb disposal officer.

Stop clowning around: A Hollywood actor dressed as a clown may be another easy guess for DC fans…

Bandages: Which UK actor can be seen posing for a photo with his body double?

Fierce: Who is this body double for?

Hairstyle: Just from the iconic hair alone you should be able to guess…

Bloody and bruised: Who is this tough-looking body double for?

1963: Going back in time to a cinema classic, can you guess who is muzzled?

Smiles: Can you guess who this is?

Safety first: Who is this body double putting their body on the line for?

Aim and point: This star looks like they have a note for their stunt double

Smart: Who is this Hollywood star pictured in Milan, Italy?

Smart: Who is this well-dressed body double standing next to?

Identical: This casting director has nailed this stunt double

One of the most famous stunt doubles of all time is Dar Robinson, who broke 19 world records and set 21 world first stunts.

This included jumping 900 feet off of the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada, in 1980.

Amazingly, the stunt double never broke a bone in his body.

However, aged 39, Robinson tragically died while filming a high speed chase on a motorcycle after he drove off of a cliff. 

Getting serious: Who is this actress sporting a black bodysuit?

No eye: Who is this body double with painful-looking makeup for?

Last but not least: Can you guess who this is from their body double?

Now you have seen all of these actors with their stunt doubles, lets see if your guesses were right below. 



One for one? The correct answer was the one and only Brad Pitt! 

Can you get bigger ear muffs? It is no other than Happy Valley star Sarah Lancashire

Bingo: The right answer is Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa 

The name’s Bond, James Bond: 007 star Daniel Craig was spotted on the streets of Italy filming No Time To Die

Gotcha: Filming her Netflix series Back in Action, it is Cameron Diaz

Hold me! It is no other than the Bodyguard actor Richard Madden 

Parent Trap Two? It is Freaky Friday star Lindsey Lohan!

Legend: It is of course Coronation Street star Pat Phoenix as Elsie Howard 

Curly hair: Sporting a new hair-do it is Javier Bardem

Sunglasses: It is Avengers and Jojo Rabbit star Scarlett Johansson

Hobbs and Shaw: It is no other than Idris Elba on the newest Fast and Furious spin-off

Paris: She is Jessica Chastain’s body double as they filmed 355 in France

Funny: It is the hilarious Kevin Hart, of course…

Uncut Gems: It is the legendary Adam Sandler filming in New York

Captain Marvel! Filming alongside Samuel L Jackson, it is Brie Larson

Doctor Who? This is House of Dragon star Matt Smith on the set of Patient Zero 

Bingo! If you guessed Sandra Bullock because you thought of Bird Box then you were right

Jenny from the block: Jennifer Lopez can be seen filming scenes for her hit show Shades of Blue 

Double trouble: It’s Brad Pitt (again) while on the set for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 

Hasta La Vista Baby: It is, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Thor: It is no other than the Australian actor Liam Hemsworth

Correct: If you guessed Angelina Jolie, that is very good going 

Smiling: It is Lupita Nyongo on the set of Black Panther 

New York: It is Joaquin Phoenix on the set of The Joker

Surprise? It is Craig Charles on the set of Coronation Street in Manchester

Looking tough: If you guessed Karen Gillan you’ve got another one right

Friends: It is Jennifer Aniston on the set of The Morning Show in Soho, Manhattan 

Ouch: Here we have Irish actor Colin Farrell on the set of Eve in Boston

Iconic: It is the legendary Steve McQueen on the set of The Great Escape

Tough: This might have been a hard one… it is Ben Affleck

Correct answer: The celebrity is James Cordon who was filming One Chance in Wales

Eureka: Pictured here during filming is Priyanka Chopra 

A Hollywood star: It is the fantastic Adrien Brody 

Legend: If you guessed Derek Fowlds then you were right!

Bingo: This is actress Isla Fisher with her very similar looking stunt double

Tough: This may have been a hard one, but it is Ana De Armas 

Ouch: It is Avengers star Chris Hemsworth (again)

Hooray: Well done if you got Geoffrey Bayldon who is on the set of Catweazle 

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