Clarkson’s Farm’s Kaleb Cooper says gender reveal ‘wasn’t much fun’

Kaleb Cooper, 24, last year announced he’s expecting his second child with his fiancée Taya in a sweet social media post.

The Clarkson’s Farm star shared an update on Taya’s pregnancy on Tuesday as the couple finally found out their baby’s gender.

But despite enjoying the news that their baby is a girl, Kaleb revealed the more mundane and messy side to holding a gender reveal party.

Kaleb took to Instagram to share a glimpse into the recent gender reveal, admitting the cleanup “wasn’t much fun”.

In view of his 1.7 million followers, the TV star uploaded a picture of his green tractor and the road sprayed with what appeared to be pink paint.

Kaleb captioned the shot: “Throwback to the gender reveal. This cleanup wasn’t much fun plus I had to wash the shower after I showered. It’s [gone] everywhere.”

Friends and fans of Jeremy Clarkson’s right-hand man saw the humorous side of the blunder, with some even suggesting Kaleb should prank his famous co-star.

Instagram user The_three_giants said: “I reckon you should spray paint Clarkson’s Lambo fuchsia pink.”

777gusty added: “I think you should sneak over to Clarkson’s farm and paint his Lamborghini tractor pink. I’d even help you do it.”

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Finley_rood commented: “Who’s idea was it to use tractors instead of those cannon things people normally use for gender reveal or a balloon.”

Kaleb, who is already a dad to two-year-old Oscar and juggles farming life, books and television work, announced Taya’s second pregnancy with a heartwarming Instagram post last year.

He shared a sweet family photo, as he held Oscar in his arms alongside his partner.

The pair held up a picture of the baby scan as they shared the exciting news.

The delighted TV star wrote: “So excited to announce that baby cooper number two is cooking nicely.”

He continued: “My number one goal is to buy myself a farm and be able to bring my kids up enjoying what I think is the best lifestyle which is the farming lifestyle.”

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