Emma Watson Must Have Used A Harry Potter Spell To Hold Up ‘Levitating’ Dress! Look!

Emma Watson’s latest look is straight out of the wizarding world!

The Harry Potter actress took to Instagram Monday to share a pic with younger brother Alex Watson as they posed for their new Gin brand, Renais. But fans couldn’t break their attention from her gravity-defying dress.

In the photo, Emma can be seen in a pale blue minidress from Loewe’s spring 2023 collection, which traded straps for three pointed peaks across her chest that… well, no way around it, they look like they’re being held up magically! See (below):


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The designer must have had help from a magic user in order to bring it to life, because how the hell is it staying up??

Fans quickly jumped in her comments section to question the garment’s design, while dropping a few Harry Potter quips for good measure:

“This dress is levitating”

“I’m so confused on how you’re wearing that dress. LoL”

“I thought dobby let her borrow his pillowcase.”

“That dress is freaking me out lol”

“What in the wingardium leviosa is that dress”

This is what happens when you say LeviOsa instead of Leviosa”

Ha! Wingardium leviosa is, of course, the spell from the magical series that allowed objects to levitate.

Emma must be keeping her wand in the closet!

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