Eva Mendes: My house is not always clean. I have two children so its impossible


Eva Mendes’ latest business incarnation is Domestic Maven. She dabbled in home goods with a Macy’s collaboration a while back, but it didn’t really get its footing. More people see her as an actress who transitioned into fashion with her New York & Company line, which I think is quite cute. But she seems to be pivoting away from that. We learned in May that Eva partnered with SKURA Style to make a sponge. Now they seem to have expanded to towels. So home cleaning tools and orderly households is Eva’s new venture. And to promote that, she told People that her house isn’t clean. Not always, at least. Because she has kids. Well, it’s a unique approach, I’ll give her that.

What she considers home: (My home is) my man and my kids. Wherever they are, that’s just what it is.

On her business ventures: It’s one of those things where it’s the same way I was when I was 23 going into the business becoming an actress. I stay open to things, and when an opportunity presents itself — or now I’m at the point where I can create opportunities — I just follow what I’m passionate about. But I’ve always loved anything having to do with the home and making it more beautiful and more clean.

She’s learned to embrace the mess: My house is not always clean. I open my closet and it’s messy and it’s okay! I have two children so it’s impossible. Having kids, you have to be okay with a mess. But the point is when my house is clean, I feel better. My mental wellness is literally connected to how clean my house is. I just don’t like dirty — there’s a difference for me.

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“(My home is) My man and my kids. Wherever they are, that’s just what it is.” This is one thing I really admire about Eva. Ryan Gosling’s fans have been making her life miserable since they started dating but she does not back down from how solid they are as a family unit. It’s not floral, nor is it apologetic. And I bet they have a really fun house, too. Especially since Eva has said their families are involved. There’s a lot of life in that home.

Which leads to mess and that brings us to Eva’s point. It sounds to me like Eva is trying to differentiate “dirty” from “messy.” To that point I agree. Her daughter Esmeralda is seven and Amada is six. Kids at that age seem to shed toys, clothing, and various kid paraphernalia throughout the house while you aren’t looking. Sometimes when you are looking, it’s outrageous. But many parents keep their houses clean, even while navigating the mess. Meaning counters are wiped, carpets are vacuumed or floors swept, and bathrooms are generally sanitized under the mess. Although my mental wellness needs both. Clutter in common areas will start to get me just as much as a jam smear in the sink. But Eva’s right, it is much harder when you start multiplying the number of people in your home. Clutter and noise: the two best birth controls on the planet. At least Eva can always do a nice sink full of dishes to unwind from a day of dealing with messy kids.




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