Gogglebox’s Gyles scolded by wife for ‘being naked’ beside Carol Vorderman ‘Half your age’

Gyles Brandreth shares comical story with Carol Vorderman

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Gyles Brandreth has joked about his wife’s shocked reaction to him teaming up with Carol Vorderman on Celebrity Gogglebox last Friday. The star appeared on Carol’s BBC Radio Wales show yesterday to share the anecdote, causing those in the studio to erupt into fits of giggles. 

Gyles, 74, is a fan favourite on Celebrity Gogglebox, but last Friday marked Countdown legend Carol’s first time on the show. 

Carol, 61, sat beside the former politician as they watched all types of television and films, from Love Island, to Fifty Shades of Grey. 

Speaking to Carol about the experience on her show, Gyles joked that his wife was astonished by his behaviour while she was on the show. 

“With you, Carol, I didn’t just let my hair down, I took my trousers off!” he exclaimed.

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As Carol started laughing, he continued: “My wife was watching last night and she said, ‘What on earth are you two up to in the sitting room?

“‘I leave you alone for an evening and the next thing I know, you’re naked on television with a woman half your age!

“‘At least all the others were older than you… I mean, Carol is a babe!’

“She was very shocked, I have to say,” Gyles continued. “She was bowled over, I have to tell you, by your beauty.”

At this, Carol made an “aww” sound at the compliment from Gyles’ wife, writer Michèle Brown.

Gyles went on to quip: “She said, ‘Gyles, you may not have shown your knees to Carol in 40 years, but I hope I haven’t really seen them in 50 years. They are not a pretty sight!’”

The TV personality then made another little joke about his wife “always turning the light off” before they got into bed, causing Carol to burst out laughing again.

Gyles and Carol made quite the outrageous pair on her first ever episode of Celebrity Gogglebox. 

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As they watched erotic romance film Fifty Shafes of Grey, however, Carol was careful to deflect Gyles’ questions about her antics in the bedroom. 

Things were heating up in the film when the protagonist, Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), told his on-screen love interest Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) that he was “a dominant”. 

Turning to Carol, a bemused Gyles asked what the Pride of Britain presenter’s preferences were in the bedroom.

“My wife wouldn’t allow me to watch this,” Gyles told Carol, making her laugh as the film began. 

“I’m a dominant,” Christian could be heard telling Anastasia during the film.

“A dominant,” Gyles reflected. “Are you a dominant, Carol? I’ve never asked this before. Are you a dominant?”

As Carol caught the giggles, he continued: “I’ve known you for 40 years, I’ve never asked you. Are you a dominant?” 

Carol, quick on her feet as ever, then replied: “It’s an eight letter word?”

Chuckling, Gyles conceded his question, telling her: “Very good.” 

Celebrity Gogglebox airs Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4.

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