Gogglebox’s Stephen Webb admits he’s ‘very sorry’ after ‘pulling woman into pool amid row’

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Stephen Webb, 50, stars on Channel 4’s hit show Gogglebox with his husband Daniel Lustig, 47. Ahead of returning to the show for its 20th series, the reality star has publicly apologised for reportedly pulling a woman into a swimming pool during a row at a club in Brighton.

That was never my intention.

Stephen Webb

The TV personality was said to be furious after he was pushed into the pool at the club fully clothed, before retaliating and dragging a woman in with him, according to reports.

It was reported that the woman was chatting to Stephen’s husband with her legs dangling in the small swimming pool when he was pushed into the water fully clothed.

With everyone at the event laughing at him, Stephen is reported to have “shouted and screamed” in anger at the lady.

He then reportedly proceeded to grab her and pull her into the pool, leaving the lady also floundering in the water.

A source claimed: “She was chatting to Daniel with her legs in the pool when Stephen was pushed in.

“She started laughing like everyone else, which seemed to anger Stephen”, The Sun was told.

Stephen has since spoken out about the event, telling the publication that he thought his behaviour “was all part of the fun”.

He said: “I am very sorry if she felt upset or hurt by my actions. That was never my intention.

“I’d been swimming and having dried and got fully dressed, a friend pushed me back into the pool.

“I took it in very good spirits and everyone was laughing and joking so seeing his friend sat on the edge of the pool, pulled her round her waist into the water with me.

“We’d enjoyed a really good time together and I felt it was all part of the fun.”

Stephen has been on Gogglebox since 2013, first appearing with his former flame Chris Ashby-Steed.

He and his husband are regulars on the series, and it rarely goes unnoticed by viewers when they have to miss an episode.

The TV personality had to miss an episode of Series 9 in February after he contracted coronavirus.

Letting his followers know, he shared a short clip to his 187,000 Instagram followers.

He said: “Good luck filming this week. I can’t wait to see you Friday.

“I need a laugh desperately. We can’t film this week because I’ve got covid.”

He captioned the post: “Gogglebox Back this Friday C4 9pm, gutted we won’t be back for episode 1. Looking forward to seeing everyone.”

Gogglebox fans and co-stars rushed to the post’s comments to wish the star a speedy recovery.

Ellie Warner said: “Hope to see you back very soon! Get well soon.”

Dave and Shirley added: “It’s a nightmare isn’t Stephen, but it’s a break for Daniel.”

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