Good Samaritan, Cops Save Man From NYC Subway Crash

A man suffered a medical emergency and fell onto train tracks Friday — but was miraculously saved by 2 cops moments before an NYC subway ran over him.

Dramatic NYPD bodycam footage captured the moment the officers and a Good Samaritan jumped onto the tracks to help the injured man inside the East Harlem station. The cops were originally on the southbound platform and ran over to the northbound side after the man tumbled to the tracks.

Video shows the trio lifting up the man and then rolling him to safety onto the platform. The good sam and one of the officers climbed back onto the platform. But, the other cop got stuck on the tracks with his belt lodged under the platform’s ledge.

Moments later, the train rolled into the station, but, thankfully, the good sam quickly grabbed the officer by his arms and hoisted him onto the platform.

The 2 cops and the good sam were not injured. The man who fell onto the tracks was taken to a local hospital, where he was listed in stable condition. No word on the extent of his injuries.

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