Hurricane Ian Video Shows House Torn Off Foundation by 15-Foot Storm Surge

As Hurricane Ian’s death toll climbs — more than 100 people so far — this terrifying clip shows the storm’s destructive power … as wind and waves rip entire buildings off their foundations.

The time-lapse footage shows a Fort Myers Beach street just as the flooding slowly begins, and then, over several hours, builds into a deadly 15-foot storm surge. Palm trees were nearly covered, and a red home starts swaying as the surf continues pounding at it.

Eventually, the floodwater completely washes away the building … and you see it drift away as just another piece of debris in the deluge.

The storm chasers who uploaded the footage reported a family was in the house when it was ripped from the ground … but somehow survived — despite floating away in the building.

The sky is eerily red when the storm finally passes … showing all the destruction that Ian took with it.

The Fort Myers Beach Pier — a famous landmark — has also been ripped to shreds, with nothing but the foundation remaining.

Of the 104 reported deaths, 54 were in and around Ft. Myers Beach. Additionally, 4 people in North Carolina reportedly died in the storm.

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