Im A Celeb star Boy George unveils explosive rows that never aired on ITV

Tension ran high the I’m A Celeb camp this year, with increasing gruelling bushtuckers and the arrival of one it’s most controversial contests, disgraced MP Matt Hancock.

Despite the drama on-screen, issues behind the scenes were even more taxing for the cast and crew.

Musician Boy George has even revealed that he threatened to leave the show “a few times” after explosive rows with the ITV boss.

The admission comes on the new spin-off I'm A Celeb's Coming Out, which will air this evening.

George tell viewers: "I didn’t want to walk out, that was never an option. But I did threaten it a few times.”

He quipped: “20 years ago, I would’ve been out of there on day one! I’d have said ‘Where’s Elton John? Get me a helicopter, send me a Versace helicopter.”

However, it has been revealed that the 80s icon clashed not only with executives but also the production crew.

The incident occurred after George was refused a lift in a golf buggy, causing the singer to have a meltdown.

According to The Sun, the 61 year old star stormed off and hid behind a nearby tree after repeatedly threatening to quit the show.

A source close to the show even dubbed the moment a “tantrum”, saying:

"It was a proper temper tantrum, but George wasn’t backing down."

Boy George also pulled no punches with fellow contestants including disgraced MP Matt Hancock.

The pair came to blows after George accused the politician of giving him a “funny look”, later branding him “slippery”.

In one of the most memorable moments from the current series, tensions between the two flared as George admitted that he struggled to separate the politician from his politics.

Despite this initial awkward exchange, the men have seemingly resolved their issues after the series ended.

Matt even kissed the Culture Club singer on the check after they were reunited during the series finale.

However, their antics have clearly not gone unnoticed with the public lapping up their constant spats.

The same might not be said of the campmates though.

Neither George nor Matt were seen at a recent dinner with fellow campmates, at the luxury Queenlands restaurant La Luna.

Joining the dinner were former Rugby captain Mike Tindall, Hollyoaks actor Owen Warner and broadcaster Charlene White s well as Chris Moyles, Babatunde Aleshe and Scarlette Douglas.

Whilst the reason behind the “snub” is unclear, other castmates seem unfazed as they enjoyed a final meal together before departing for the UK.

Fans will undoubtedly be tuning in to the Coming Out show, hoping learn more about the off-screen tensions.

The show will air on ITV1 at 9:15pm tonight.


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