Julian Clarys had his chips facing ruthless Joan Collins at poker

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But perish the thought of any dip for the tortilla chips. TV presenter and comedian Julian revealed the former Dynasty star “does not want guacamole running down her very expensive blouse.”

Julian, 63, admitted to the Table Manners podcast he had a frosty first meeting with Dame Joan, 89.

But they soon become firm friends and sometimes holiday together in St Tropez, in the south of France.

He said: “She’s very camp and loves getting dressed up and going out, things you wouldn’t think she could be bothered to do at her age.”

“She taught me how to play poker. She’s ruthless, as you’d expect. We play for money, but not for hundreds of pounds.”

“We played the other day and I lost £40.”

He added: “Whoever is hosting provides the food. I’m a terrible cook, but I do make an effort if Joan’s coming.”

“Then I’ll say, ‘Oh, I just threw something together.’ There are nibbles, you know, peanuts, and we have those tortilla things.”

While spilling the beans on her culinary cravings, he said Dame Joan was “very keen” on a Marks & Spencer chocolate mousse.

And he revealed that when it is her turn to do the food, she orders pizza, because “I don’t think she’s ever been in the kitchen.”

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