Kelsey Parker says ‘The Wanted boys are always checking on me after Tom’s death’

Kelsey Parker has shared the heartwarming news that her late husband Tom Parker’s fellow bandmates from The Wanted have continued to check on her to make sure she and the kids are okay following his tragic death.

The 32 year old mum-of-two shared the news during a recent interview, explaining that in the months following Tom’s passing, his bandmates and dear friends had continued to support her and her family.

She told OK!: “You know what, I’ve got so much love for The Wanted boys, they have been amazing through this. They all check in with me, they make sure I’m okay.

During the interview Kelsey also touched on how long they’ve known each other and how she can always rely on them to support her through thick and thin.

She continued: “They’ve been a massive part of my life, and obviously Tom’s, since I was 19. They’ve been there for me.”

Kelsey made reference to Jay McGuinness as she shared an example of just some of the small acts of kindness that have helped her though the difficult loss of her husband.

She said: “So even Jay texting me to say, ‘Oh I saw you on the TV, you were so amazing,’ like they are just such kind, genuine, people.”

With their help and support, Kelsey has also opened up about what she hopes for in the future for both herself and her two young children, Aurelia, two, and 21 month old son Bodhi.

“For me, the future is a funny thing, because when you talk about the future, this is not the future I saw for myself,” admitted the young mum.

She went on: "So I’m not going to plan a future, I’ll just take each day as it comes.

“All I want is for my children to be happy, healthy and to live a lovely life.”

Kelsey sadly lost her husband musician Tom Parker in March 2022, after he had been diagnosed with a grade 4 inoperable glioblastoma – an aggressive form of brain tumour – in October 2020.

Following his diagnosis, Tom, along with the support of his family and friends, underwent treatment to try and slow the progression of the devastating disease, and even saw his tumour significantly reduce in size as a result.

In November 2021, he released a statement to say that his condition was “stable” and that the tumour had not increased.

However, despite this update, Tom sadly died due to complications caused by the tumour, at the age of just 33.


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