Antiques Roadshow expert shares obscure advice to fetch value ‘Buy a fake!’

Ronnie Archer-Morgan shares advice for spotting fake antiques

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Antiques Roadshow Ronnie Archer Morgan works as an independent specialist for private clients and galleries, and has an interest in tribal and folk art. After joining Morning Live presenters Gethin Jones and Michelle Connor, Ronnie gave an insight into the world of antique finding, revealing the surprising tricks people need to know.

Ronnie joined the BBC show back in 2011 and has been a fan-favourite ever since, with his unique taste and keen eye for expensive antiques.

As he joined the Morning Live team, Michelle asked: “I love a good rummage for would-be antiques.

“But I need your tips when it comes to identifying these hidden treasures, what should we be looking out for?”

Ronnie shared a rather unique piece of advice as he replied: “Well, obviously you want to spot fakes, if you want to spot a fake, buy fake.

“Knowingly buy a fake and keep it at home and study it.

“One in the area that you are collecting, so when you are in the field, and you see something genuine, you know the difference between that and the fake that you have at home.”

Wanting to know more about handling antiques, Gethin continued: “What about cleaning the product, should you or shouldn’t you?”

Ronnie revealed: “Don’t over-clean. If you are not sure, get advice, read books about conservation, and never use metal polish on metal objects that you are collecting.

“If you just want to clean something up, so it looks more appealing to you, just buff it with a soft cloth is always my advice and if you need to clean it further, get professional advice.”

Michelle also asked about the best ways to haggle a price from sellers, to which Ronnie revealed a “gracious” compliment would go a long way.

Viewers of the show were impressed with the advice that Ronnie had given and took to their social media accounts to express their love for Ronnie.

@LindaLoo9 praised: “Loving Ronnie on Morning Live! Who knew an antiques expert would be telling people to buy fake items!”

John Morcombe added: “Who knew that buying a fake would be the key to having a keen eye for the antiques world!”

@_88U_TIS commented: “I am an antiques geek, and seeing Ronnie give this amazing piece of advice gives me hope for the business! Everyone needs to go antiquing once in their life!”

@Robbie_Roo_ said: “Can we protect Ronnie Archer-Morgan at all costs! Such a calm demeanour and gives amazing advice!”

Clare McMannon expressed: “Well, blow me down! I have a few fake things in my gaff but never knew I could get a keen eye from it!” (sic)

Ronnie revealed that his love for antiques came from his turbulent childhood, as he found it a way to escape.

He recently opened up about his love for antiques and how the world is full of “artistry”.

“The world is such a funny place, we pedal a lot of negativity in many ways. And I think through art, I see the excellence of humankind.

“It’s a document of how superbly people can make things, and they leave the evidence of their crafts, their skill, their artistry with us forever – long after the people have gone, their excellence is represented in the very beautiful things they made,” he told The Herald.

Morning Live airs weekdays from 9:15am on BBC One.

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