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RAPPER The Game responded to rumors that he is dating someone new after a post of him kissing someone went viral on July 4, 2022.

The Game rose to fame in 2005 after he released his first album, The Documentary.

Who is The Game?

The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, became a household name in the early 2000s.

Born in Compton in 1979, he was exposed to drugs and gang violence from an early age, making him numb to the environment around him.

In an appearance on Full Send Podcast, The Game said he grew up in a household where both his parents were gang members, saying "It’s only a matter of time before your child dives into that lifestyle, too.”

He was only seven years old when he saw his first drive-by shooting while he was playing with his friends.


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"They were just laid out and we were outside playing," he said on the podcast.

"Of course, people are always like, some people run left, away. And other nosey ass people come towards the, you know, whatever happened.

"So, me and my homies was outside playing, I mean it wasn’t homies, we were seven. We were throwing the football in the street… We just walked down there, and it was like so-and-so got shot.”

In an Instagram post about his experiences, The Game wrote that his life was defined by his surroundings.

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"I was a real f**k up," he wrote. " I never expected nor cared to live past 25 years old. I literally didn’t give a f**k !!!!…"

All that changed in 2001 when he was shot five times and slipped into a 3-day coma.

Reflecting on the experience, The Game wrote in the Instagram post that is "I look at this video of the younger me & I can’t do anything but thank God for the opportunity to have a second chance."

After his recovery, The Game went on to record and release his first album, The Documentary, in 2005 with two singles. How We Do and Hate It or Love It, reaching the US Billboard's Top 100.

The Game has released nine studio albums and released his newest album, Drillmatic, in 2022.

He announced the release on Instagram in May 2022 and wrote, “I know my album gone be the best album of 2022, ’cause the energy feels like I just signed my deal.

“You’ve never heard me rap like this, I promise you.”

Who is The Game dating?

Rumors that The Game is dating 13 Going on 30 star, Christa B. Allen started circulating after she posted a video of them kissing on TikTok.

The pair were celebrating the Fourth of July when Allen posted the video showing her talking to viewers saying, “What’s up, guys? I absolutely can’t take it anymore.”

The video pans to her and The Game sharing a kiss with the caption, “When you just broke up BUT … you just broke up."

The Game responded to the rumors that he and Allen are dating, saying they are untrue.

"Christa and I have mutual friends — she attended my Fourth of July party and I hopped on her TikTok," The Game told People.

He added, "She's a beautiful woman, but we're not dating."

Allen responded in the post to confirm she is not dating The Game and wrote that she's "a single woman doing single woman things."

The Game told the outlet he is currently seeing someone, but did not reveal who the mystery woman is.

What did fans say about the TikTok video?

Allen starred as Jenna Rink in the 2004 film 13 Going on 30, prompting fans to reference her role when responding to the video of her and The Game.

One user asked, "What happened to Matty?" a reference to Allen's character's love interest in the film, Matt Flamhaff whose younger version was played by Sean Marquette.

She responded simply, writing, "He dipped."

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Other people commented on the video, with one user writing, “THIRTY FLIRTY & THRIVING WHUTT."

Another wrote, “Jenna rink & THE GAME. I missed a chapter LOL.”

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